Best 25-50 tube amp w/ sub woofer input for sound $2,000

Hello. Looking to upgrade my present tube amp. I have sub woofer which I would like to integrate with a tube amp. Cost around $2,000 used with between 25-50 watts. Must connect to Linn Sonedeck LP 12, Naim CD w/ DAC and 85db Fritz carbon 7 MK II speakers. Thank you.
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Love my Melody I880 integrated. Uses four KT88s and one D100 power rectifier tube, has 50-60 wpc with excellent bass control, beautiful midrange, nice clean top end and wonderful imaging. Used these should be well under $2k. Killer good looks, quality point to point wiring, sound quality way out of its price range. Highly recommended.
Thank you for your input can you connect sub woofer to it? Will keep an eye out for used one here. Thanks !
Depending on what inputs are on the back of your sub,you could use  Y connectors from your pre out or run bare wire from the amp's binding posts to the sub's binding posts.A sub output isn't necessary.There are many diagrams and videos that explain the various methods on the web:)
Thanks! I am relatively new to the tube world and just trying to smarter.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge.