best 24 bit soundcard to use with IBM A31p

Uses Pentium 4. Tks.
The best I have experience with are the Lynx L22 and the RME DIGI96/8PAD. They both sound excellent, although a bit different. I will explain: The RME sounds more transparent and dynamic overall, but the Lynx has more bass output and sounds warmer. The Lynx also seems to have slightly better spatial definition. It also measures better (SNR and THD)than the RME. On the whole, they are both like fine wines that once known, can be enjoyed immensely.

(Disclaimer: This evaluation was made with both cards modified to improve their audio performance).

Thanks JM,
just noticed that Keith Johnson uses a Lynx AES 16 card within his HRx system for hi res from Reference Recordings.