Best 20A IEC power cord

It's been a while since this topic was covered in Audiogon. I have the Sierra Denali amps and the power cords are pretty loose fitting. That aside (I'm sure they would be replaced if I asked), I have a bit of an aversion for stock cords. BMI no longer makes the 20A version. Any other recommendations? Thanks in advance.
Try Pure Note Epsilon, They have great power cords with the 20-Amp Hubbell plugs. Wire is 7-gauge silver good for over 30-Amps. Rock solid cord and fully shielded. It bested my BMI Whale Elite which is a pain to use.
Shunyata or Jena Labs.
You could special order a BMI Whale Elite Mk II / 20 amp I think.
Check out the granite Audio #555 or #560 AC power cords on our showcase on Audiogon... all cords have the option of getting a 20a iec

I used a 20 amp Custom Power Cord Co. Model 11 on my power conditioner and was suitably impressed. This cord is also reasonably priced within the realm of high-end power cords as well.
pure note sounds interesting-i have stealth cables hac cord which i feel is very good but may not be 20 amp rated but they might make you one if you call them and ask.
FIM Gold PC can be ordered with a 20 amp IEC as well, one of the most dynamic PC's I've heard on my Krell amp.
To set the record straight.

Hmmm, just curious , "BMI has Never made a 20A version of the WHALE Elite power cable". So don't down play a product you've never owned just to promote your personal agenda.

The WHALE, WHALE Elite and currently WHALE Elite mk.2 is not designed to work with a 20A-IEC. Maybe in the future BMI will bring back the EEL Reference Custom 20-A version to the public (which is presently discontinued).

Have a nice life sir Mr. who'm is a Non Audiogon member and hides behind his personal promotion of

Brian Introcaso
FIM Gold and Silver series are available with 20 Amp IEC.
Mr Chips, is it not possible that rch10 was simply basing his statements on a comparison between a standard 15 amp version of the Pure Note Epsilon against the BMI Whale ? As such, isn't it possible that rch10 made a logical deduction that the 20A version would perform in similar fashion ?

Don't get me wrong, i am not voicing my support or blasting either cord. I'm simply trying to point out that clarity of vision or logic sometimes go out the window when emotion is involved. Sean
Ozfly - Many manufacturers will make a cord for you with a 20A connector. I say this only because I wouldn't limit your search to those who make a STOCK 20 amp cord. The best cord I've found is the Harmonix Studio Master. Fanfare International imports this cord and I have compared it to the best Shunyata, Custom Power Co, TG, and other cords. I had Fanfare terminate one with a 20A connector for my Rowland Model 10 amp. Good luck

Well not when the "Topic of the Forum" is Best 20A-IEC Power Cord".

I wasn't born yesterday. Have been associated with the Hi-End /consumer electronic industry for over 20 yrs. And any educated Audiogon member can see thru what this guy's agenda was and is. Especially hiding behind his Non-Audiogon member status e-mail. And certainly not a BMI customer according to my records. But say what you want to say; it's your eyes.

I end my case here.

Enjoy the Music.
Dear Mr. Chips: As I have stated here before I am a big fan of Pure Note but I have no connection with them. The BMI Whale that I own is the obviously a 15-Amp cord yet I do own the Pure Note 20-Amp cord as well. In the case of Pure Note, the cord is same except for the plugs.

I also did not think one had to be an Audiogon member to voice an opinion.

I end it with this; whoever and whatever your personal agenda may be.

Question: What is the serial # on the WHALE you claim to own ? You can e-mail me personally.

Plus getting back to the orignal topic in this forum which is; "Best 20A-IEC power cables"? There are no 20A-IEC WHALEs out there, except in your mind. Why would one bring up an irrelevant and slanderous remark of a company's product if there is no affiliation of the orignal topic at hand ?

It's rare that I ever get involved on a Audiogon forum. But when someone flat out lies; well that's when I step in. The WHALE sells on it's own merit. BMI does not have hidden motives or agendas as you may personally need. We see right through this and regardless if you are a member or not. In fact most of BMI's worldwide customers are not Agon members. Even so the proof is in the pudding with the reputation we keep towards our product & service on this site.

Stop wasting my time and other member's time on this nonsense with your tactics. I've been around too long to see what you are "trying" to do.

Good luck to your personal motives.

Thank you and have a nice life.
I guess Mrchips missed the class on business professionalism. Emotional touchiness isn't pretty, eh?

Either way, I don't own the equipment for a >$400 PC but I can promise I wouldn't buy a Pure Note or BMI after reading this thread regardless of what my ears thought.

I also own the Denali amps (2 used in monoblock configuration) on which I use a TG Audio HSR i2 power cord. They were my original 15A cords that Bob Crump reterminated with the 20A connector for $50.00ea including shipping. These power cords were recommended by Marty of Bound for Sound fame during his review of the Denali amp several months back. They are a very synergistic match with the Denalis. With that said, I am thinking about upgrading to the new TG Audio SLVR power cord (w/20A connector). Both cords list for $500/ea. Hope this helps.

So I take it that for most power cords, a simple switch from a 15 amp to a 20 amp IEC connector would do it? (Of course, even 15 amps is a lot of wattage so I wonder how often the cord would be called upon to deliver more) Are there any other design parameters that need to be considered with a larger end plug and a potentially higher current drain? Does the 20 vs 15 amp provide more current "headroom" only if the cord is designed for it? (I'm blindly borrowing a term from a different context here)

Thanks for all the comments so far.
Ozfly, my PERSONAL opinion is that any cord with a MINIMUM gauge of 12 gauge can be used for 20 amp service. The only "conditions" that i put on that statement is that the connections on the cord are extremely solid and the cord is of reasonable length. I would rather have a cord that is 10 gauge or heavier if running something longer than about 4' or so. 8 gauge would be even better. You can get away with less though due to the fact that most music is of a dynamic nature and the power demands are typically not of a continuous nature. This is quite the contrary to what most electricians will tell you though. Sean
Ozfly, From a very simplistic view, we can use the equation P=VI where Power = voltage times current. Using the Denali specs (from their Website) of 400W at idle and 2000W max, at idle I (current) = 3.44Amps and at the extreme, Imax = 17.24Amps. Granted this equation is used to calculate dc power, but it serves to show the worst case constant current draw from the Denalis. 17.24 amps is excessive and not very realisitic, so I would not be concerned with exceeding the 15A rated spec of the standard power cords. I agree with Sean that the bigger the wire gauge the better. I recall seeing a chart that list the wire gauge vs current carrying capability. The trend was the larger the wire size the higher current capability. Just my .02