best 200w 5ch amp?

i need reccomendations on a 180-225w 5ch amp. i will be using a b&k ref. 30 pre and paradigm studio 60s, CC, and 20s for the rear. i was looking at the anthem mc-5, rotel, and b&k 5ch amps. they all seem to cost $600-$900 used. any thought on these three choices? any others i should look at?
Look into the EAD powermaster1000
I own a Ref 30 & I pair it with a Sherbourn 5/1500. This is a 200 wpc amp with 5 monoblocs inside it. It is built like the Bryston 9BTHX, not as bullet proof, but less than half the price.
Check one out!
Fishcall, It looks like you have some pretty good gear,
IMHO I'd spend alittle more and buy a Sherbourn 7 channel
amp. It's basically what Danielk141 is talking about, the
only real difference is there would no reason too ever
upgrade it. 95% of movies you rent today are 5 channel, the
addition of the two would make the amp future proof.
The Sherbourn products are definately an option you should
consider. I couldn't be happier with my decision to buy one. Good Luck
Krell Theater Amplifier Standard
Aragon 8008x5.
A 5x225wpc Theta Dreadnaught II would be my vote, if price is not a consideration. The newest Adcom 5-channel would be on my shopping list if price was a factor.