Best $2000 6 channel Surround Receiver

I got $2K to spend on a new 6 channel Surround Processor Receiver, though tuner section not necessary. What 2-4 units should I take a look at? Please factor in typical discounts. Music taste varies, jazz, pop mostly. Speakers need 74W/CH +. Thanks in advance
Arcam AVP700 - I love mine, along with P1000 DV79
Rotel makes a really nice BEEFY 7 channel with alot of great features and adjustments.
I wouldn't buy anything that didn't have HDMI input that works with multi-channel SACD/DVD-A.
I like the Sony STR-DA7100ES (list $2000) but won't buy one until it does audio as well as video via HDMI.
HDMI is changing too much at the moment. The Arcam just does video. I decided to use an external switcher.
No receiver is worth $2k IMO. I say that from having worked in and around this biz for many many years. That said, I paid $1200 for a near mint Acurus Act 3, which had been upgraded to Aragon Stage One status. I then paid $550 for a near mint Acurus 125x5. Then, you add a used Acurus A100, A80, or better for $100-200 used range or better, and you destroy all receivers on the plannet sonically, bar none!!!!
I too have an Acurus Act 3, with an upgraded board, for which I paid 350.00 on audiogon. It gives great HT and even greater 2 channel sound. I have a Rotel 1095 to drive my thiel 2.2's, so I would have to say that Flrnlamb is a smart guy!