Best 2-way room friendly speakers

I've heard 4th order x-over minimizes room interactions and waveguide speakers give constant power / off axis response. OTOH, first order like Thiels always seem to require a lot of fiddling because the large driver overlaps result in uneven room reactions.

What speakers would have the best room interactions without adding a lot of acoustic treatments to the room?
Frogman, how would the amp affect room interaction with the speakers?

My question was more a general one about speakers that minimize room interactions like a 4th order design. Rather than use a lot of room treatments or endless fiddling with speaker position like 1st order which has large driver overlaps so reflected sound has a bigger effect I listen ~nearfield pointing right at the listening position in a reflective small room.

Adding a sub would not help with the sound reflections with my single driver speakers. Although, like you said, it would give a fuller sound. I don't know if single driver is so great. I'm sure I would be HAPPIER with some Magico's, Catrmel's, or Intuitive Summits, but I don't know if I would be SATISFIED.

So what would you suggest? I like the suggestions so far like dual concentric Tannoys, wave guides, or those nifty Shelby+ Kroll nano monitors.
Hi Cdc

This is in response to your question about the Dspeaker gear. Depending on your needs you may want or need a Woofer Monitor. The Woofer monitor is more like a bass augmentor for the Nanos rather than a sub. I suggested the Despeaker Gear to take care of room nodes that will affect the sound quality of any speaker that you choose.

I have used both the 8033s and Dual Core Anti-Mode from Dspeaker with my 2.2 Shelby+Kroll speaker set up with very good results.

If you are considering the Nano Monitors only, then you will not need the Dspeaker products. The Monitors are a very good speaker on their own.