Best 2 Channel SACD with Analog Outs

i know that this topic has been around here in various formats, but I am wondering what peoople think the best SACD player is out there that could be added to my two channel system.

I currently have three systems, with 3 SACD players. Two are multichannel.
2-Channel System:
Ayre Pre Amp (critically, No Digital or HDMI inputs)
Parasound Power Amp
Sources: NAD Universal Player feeding PSAudio Digital Link III DAC (CD & DVD_A); Marantz SACD 803-B (for SACD and the crux of the question here)
Speaks are B&W 803-D

My two multichannel systems (will discuss SACD only):
Sony 5400 ES feeding Onkyo AVR via HDMI (speakers--Silverline)

Pioneer Elite Universal Player (DVD,no Blu Ray) feeding a Pioneer Legacy AVR via an i-link. Speakers are a mishmash of Paradigm

I'm really happy with the SACD sound via the two multichannel systems but a little less so in the 2 channel system. The Marantz is a good player but just isn't as detailed as the two multichannel players, despite the superior electronics and speakers in the 2 channel system . It should be noted that the 2 channel use different types of inputs--HDMI and i-link (firewire).

I have tried both the Sony and the Pioneer in the 2 channel system, using the analog outs of both players. While they sound different from the Marantz, they are not nearly as impressive as they sound in their multichannel domains.
The biggest dissapointment is the Sony, which has been praised to death here. I don't think the Sony sounds nearly as good in any of my systems analog vs it's HDMI.
Thoughts? Any idea what to replace the Marantz with? I'm tempted by the Oppo which would let me play my Blu Rays but I don't really want to add a monitor to the 2 channel system.
I should add that I exclusively listen to Classical Music and have several hundered SACDs.
why would you need a monitor? Because if you play a blu-ray disc you need to see the menu? I can advise that the OPPO "sees" the format of the disc and plays accordingly. Once you set the menu to 2ch Vs multi-channel it will always play that layer of an SACD, at least it does on mine. My 95 always defaults to the SACD layer in the event the disc also contains a redbook layer. As I don't own any DVD-As I don't know how they are handled.

I think OPPO has a 30 day return and if so you can always return it if it doesn't float your boat.
My other Blu Ray players require a monitor.
Your suggestion about the Oppo is good. How does the Oppo SACD performance alone stand up to other SACD players that you have heard?
I've owned a ton of them over the years but the Marantz SA-11S2 and the Sony 5400ES were my last 2 prior to the 95. I guess strictly in terms of sonics I prefer the 95 to the Sony (the unit I had before the 95) but its a toss up against the Marantz (from what I remember the Marantz sounding like). Too me they are not necessarily better than each other as they are different and any of them might be a great fit depending on the rest of one's system. I find the OPPO digs a little deeper than the others for the little details within the music. Might have something to do with the Sabre Dac Vs whats is the Sony & Marantz?

I used to have a Bryston BDA-1 DAC for redbook and it also was different than the OPPO. Sold it and don't have any seller's remorse. I like the OPPO for everything it does but acknowledge there is better out there but it will cost you much more than $1K to get it.
I have had very good luck with the Pioneer Elite 59avi, the Marantz SA 8001, and the Arcam DV 139. The Sony DVPS 90001 ES was also a very good universal player in 2 channel mode.

You have good taste in electronics it may just be a matter of finding what floats your boat at this time with your current set-up. All of the above sound excellent,... it is just a matter of personal preference,like so many things in this hobby. Good luck with your search!
I used to have a Sony XA5400 feeding HDMI to an Onkyo SSP, and found the Onkyo analog bypass to be the weakest link, not the Sony analog outs. Since you are using an Receiver not a SSP, I don't think you can use a 2 channel pre with HT bypass. But I would definitely look for improvements downstream, not at the source.
As I read OP's post he prefers HDMI to the Onkyo AVR to analog to the Ayre preamp regardless of source. As I understand it, with HDMI, the Onkyo DACs are invoked but the source may or may not do some processing (e.g. converting DSD to LPCM); with analog the source is dong all the processing. For different reasons than Edorr's, I agree with him that the solution may be to look downstream. Maybe OP just prefers the sound of the Onkyo AVR to that of the Ayre/Parasound or maybe it's the Sliverline to the B&Ws, who knows short of replacing components one by one. I'd satrt with a modern high quality prepro that accepts HDMI and processes DSD as well as the lossless codecs that can be wonderful for music.

I really like the Ayre preamp and want to keep it in the 2 channel system.
There is a great synergy between it and my DAC for all digital sources and it is great with analog as well.
There is a clear difference with the Sony between the HDMI and the analog outs, so I don't think the issue is the Onkyo AVR digital processing.
I had tried the Sony in the 2 channel before and found it wanting. This player was really meant for an all digital system.