Best 2 Channel Integrated Used for under 750?

I am looking for a 2 channel integrated for under 750. I would prefer to get one for under 600 or so though. I was wondering the best used ones in this price range or maybe even a little above it.

jdsxt4 this range...NAD is pretty hard to beat...nothing to brag about in the looks or feel dept...but very good sound for the money...I have owned 2...good luck...on a more simple level...Rega is nice 2....
Look at Musical Fidelity, there were 2 XK-150s listed at $600, but both are sold. They are better built than NAD [which I use to sell and would also recommend]. There is a 3.5 integrated listed for $850 that originally sold for $1800. Buy used, you will save a significant amount of money and can move up a class or two in equipment.
Musical fidelity is a good choice. The A3 is one of my favorites. That will fall in your under 600 budget. The A3.2 will fall under your 750 budget. They musical fidelity x150 is another one of my favorites, but you have to like that "half width" component look.

However, my all time favorite under 1000 dollar solid state integrated is the audio refinement complete. I liked it enough to own is six different times. They are seen regularly here anywhere from 400 dollars up o 650 dollars. 500 or so should be the average price though. The alpha version offers pre amp outputs so you have the option to add a stand alone amplifier if you desire.
i would second the audio refinement. great value, nice looking piece. also, onix.
Personally, I would go for a tube integrated. In my experience, the overall musicality and enjoyment they will provide will be head and shoulders above any solid state or hybrid, in addition to being quite reliable and headache free.

Given your price range is $750, I suggest you look into Chinese companies such as Cayin, Consonance, Jolida, and Prima Luna. The Rogue Cronus is another to consider, but a few hundred more than you've stated your goal being.
The units put out by Outlaw Audio get rave reviews. I believe they are only available online. Check Stereophile's review.
Myryad Z140 is stellar for the price. The Audio Refinement Complete is also a great recommendation. Check out the Creek 5350SE as well - it is much better than the NAD 320BEE IMO.

Another to consider is the Onkyo 9555; excellent piece for the price.
What speakers are you using???

I just picked up (from here less than a week ago) a Jolida 102b and I'm just loving it.

But before making any recomendations I would need to know a bit about what you have and what you like.
jAudio refinement The Complete is the amp to get for only about 500 on the gon Primaluna is great too but need a little more money about 300 more and it's worth it if you want tubes,sorry I sold my Complete!!!!!!!!!!!
The Complete is a good piece for the $ but I found it a little laid back. did nothing wrong but did not have the boogie factor with my ancillaries. You can do a lot worse, but I would recommend a speaker that is a little forward and/or has good PRAT.
Consider a Naim Nait3 (5i for a good deal?). There should be enough $ left for Naim speaker cable, which is necessary. You'll need odd DIN to RCA cables too. But what a sound. Naim is highly addictive, in the way their gear make you appreciate and love music even more. Exciting, engaging.

PS I don't actually use Main anymore, but only because I moved to a location plagues with rf and the like, which the Naim gear I could afford was susceptible to. YM will likely V.
there is a brand new Grant amp for sale for I think 650? it's tube too!