Best 2 channel for under 300?

i was wondering what would be the best 2 channel reciever i could get for under 300. i now have a nakamichi re10 whcih is pretty good. but i feel like i need something a little more. i am powering a pair of snell e III's, again what is the best way for me to has to be under 300
You might be able to find a NAD 320BEE although it does have a tuner.

Good luck.

I am taking you request at face ... that the purchase must come in at/under $300 and must be receiver. I am also assuming that you want a new (as opposed to used) unit. Given that you have some options, though I am not sure how much better they would be that your Nakamichi. Two channel receivers have not seen much play by the market these days ... HT receivers are what sells. You would probably also do better for your money with just an amplifier. With that said ...

Onkyo 8511; lists for $300 ... J&R Music has it for $240
Denon DRA 295; lists for $250
Harmon Kardon 3480; lists for $450 ... J&R Music has it for $265.
Yamaha RX-397; lists for $300 ... J&R Music has it for $250.

I would also be tempted by the Onkyo SR504S. It is a HT receiver, but is satellite radio ready. J&R Music has this receiver for $230.

try a panasonic digital. they are highly regarded at audio circle and available under $300.00
ok well it doesnt matter if it is used or not. i just was wondering if there is anything better than the nakamichi that i have.
If you are talking receivers, the best are the ones from the 70's. Much better build quality, looks and sound.

Under $300 will get you many of them. Yamaha CR-2020, Pioneer SX-1050, Sansui 9090DB, Marantz 2265B. Visit
and do some searching.

Good luck,
Try this, it is awesome,
Hard to beat Viridian's suggestion. I don't need a recvr but had to stop myself form ordering one just to try it.
I'm looking for an inexpensive stereo receiver as well for my office. The problem is that I need a digital input (either Toslink or coax) because my computer's sound card has only digital outs. Any suggestions?

Uh, why not just buy the receiver referenced above and an older outboard dac by Musical Fidelity, Rotel, AMC, PS Audio or Audio Alchemy? Most are available for around $100.00 used and you would bring the whole project in for under $300.00 with a much better dac than the onboard models in most multi-channel receivers. Heck, the excellent Audio Alchemy Dac In The Box would run under $50.00 or you could have an MSB Link Dac for $150.00 or so. Just my two cents.
Viridian, you make a very good point regarding external DAC + receiver. I usually prefer that route, except for my office system I think simpler is better. But it is very worthy of consideration. Thanks.

You might pick up a NAD (7225/7240, etc.) on Audiogon or Ebay. IMO, NAD is the best sound for the buck and better than a lot of stuff that's more expensive. If my house caught on fire, I would grab my old 7225 and then my speaks.
Ok, ok, how about this baby - I have not heard it though,
Viridian, I've been wanting to listen to the Maven since I love the sound of the Mambo integrated. But the original question is for receivers under $300; even discounted, this is 3x that limit.

Sufentanil, your post only referenced "inexpensive", and did not give a price range, which would seem to leave the door open as far as price is concerned. Best of luck; may your search be a fruitful one.
I'm going with the Jolida integrateds. Yes, no tuner, so you'd have to add that. Still, the sound is going to be infinitely beyond any $300 receiver.
Yeah, won't see me buying any $300 receivers anytime soon. Can't go back to that soundlevel
Viridian got it right. HK is the way to go, no question. I owned one, and it's great for what it is.