Best 2-channel audio from a one-box DVD player?

OK- obvious contenders are:
Ayre D-1 ($10 or 12$k?? 'the King', or so they say)
Muse Thalia (~$6k- Upgraded Nine Sig- excellent audio)
Camelot Round Table ($4k best bang-for-buck of the top dogs)
New Audio Aero Prestige ($10k- not released yet)

Next level down:
the new Cary (D-3 or something?)
EAD Theatervision
Toshiba S9100 (or some similar model #)
new Pioneer Elite (AVX-10??)
Pioneer Elite DV-09 (my unit!!- better as transport only...)
Sony whatever...

Anyways, those are just a few from the top of my head. OK- what is YOUR choice for absolute best 2-channel audio from a DVD player? Only stipulation is your choice MUST include using the DVD players' INTERNAL DACS (as opposed to using the DVD as a transport only, and using an outboard DAC, in which case a thousand possibilities open up, and that's a whole different discussion...). So- bottom line, forgetting the video capabilities, what is the BEST ONE BOX DVD PLAYER FOR 2-CHANNEL AUDIO?
Best bang for your buck is to pick up a Pioneer DV333 or DV343 for $199 new and for $250 more have Stan Warren modify the output stage and other critical parts. If you care about movies he can do the same thing to the progressive scan DV434.
meridian reference 800 - $15k
sorry- forgot to stick the Meridian in there- good call!
I'm not normally a fan of the all-in-one player concept, but in this instance I'd have to put my vote in for the Meridian 800 as well, especially if you want to use the internal DACs. It costs enough that they were able to throw in everything plus the kitchen sink and make it sound good to boot.
Ric Schultz of Electronic Visionary Systems is about to introduce what will likely be a killer mod for the Sony 9000ES(I think he's said he'd recommend it over his Millennium DAC, which is saying something). With a total price of around $1500 or so for the unit and the mod I'm sure this thing will compete with players many times its price. Availability will likely be an issue at first, but good things...

CAL CL-20 or 25. I don't know if it's the best, but very excellent, esp. for the price used.
The CL-20 is a nice choice. The Muse Model 9 Signature is the best DVD/CD playback I've had.
pioneer pro/industrial dvd v7400...if you can get a hold of's a wonderful transport as well.