Best 2.1 PC Speaker System?

Since I'm not too interested in the surround sound prospects of my PC, I was wondering what everyone thinks is the best 2 channel + subwoofer setup for a PC.
Absolutely NO QUESTION...the Acoustic Energy Aego One. It's 599, includes sub and two satilites, and ROCKS. Saw 'em in Stereophile, and didn't believe 'em, so I heard 'em for myself. VERY NICE! They really sound good. Go hear 'em for yourself. Happy Listening
assuming you have amplification Red Rose r3 and Rel Strata
Now, don't discount the Monsoon Planars! Superlative midrange and soundstage like you wouldn't believe! And lastly, they cost less than $200.00!

I like my Altec Lansing ($65) setup
Been happy with my Klipsch Promedia 2.1 setup. If you like the Klipsch sound these are very good speakers.
Videologic Sirocco Pro. Nothing else comes close.
Aego2, I agree with Hueske.
How many PC speakers have a total of 6 amplifers?
2 per satellite (bi-amped), and a bridged pair for the subwoofer. Toroidal transformer, 40,000uF of filtering.
and, oh, yes, XLR connectors. On-board DAC that rivals many commerCrap CD players...
See it all on
$900 + $75 shipping
I listened to everything out there and ended up buying the Logitech THX setup. There are 4 sat speakers + a sub, so your sound card needs to be capable to handle this setup. The price was reasonable at under $200. Do yourself a favor and listen to systems side by side, I did and the Logitech were better to my ears than other units mentioned here. Don't think because one system is twice the price of another that you are getting twice the sound, you won't. This system was bought for my son's dorm room in lieu of a hifi setup and I marvel at the quality of the sound every time I listen to it.
I'd try to find a pair of used Jamo CS5 and a small sunfire sub. The Jamo's are great, I even take them into another room for just plain stereo VHS movies. I suppose the only problem is they are no longer made by Jamo. But they have two bi-amplified speakers, and sound great.
Yeap... agreed on the Jamos... have one pair, hooked-up with audio alchemy DLC, then through Stereo-Link to the computer... some cheap $600 setup, but really enjoyable to listen to.