Best 2.0 bluetooth speakers for my Desktop PC

Good morning,I come here to ask for advice, this time for a 2.0 speakers possibly bluetooth or even USB to use for my desktop PC.

The use I make of it is very basic and without too many pretensions: music on youtube/spotify, occasionally watching movies/telefilms on Netflix or similar and video conferencing from PC for work.

I didn't want to spend too much, I thought I'd stay within 100€/$ of spending and I had eyed few models that I list below not in order of preference:
- Logitech Z207
- Creative Pebble V3 (or the new Pebble Pro)
- Creative T60
- Creative T100
- Edifier R33BT (or similar)
- Edifier R19BT

Others to be evaluated by other companies with the same budget but here I defer to you.
Thank you very much as always and have a nice day


At that modest pricepoint, it’s distilled down to a simple “ pick one of ‘em” exercise.

it’s at the roughly $400+/- MSRP strata price point is where the quality build contenders separate from the your suggested low budget pretenders,( HINT: Think KANTO, AUDIOENGINE… et al )

To get closer to your stated modest budget, then buy them pre-owned and hunt the pre-owned listings on AGON and CAM / USAM for the usual 50-odd % off .

I can't vouch for the Edifier models on your list but I bought a pair of the more expensive Edifier R1700BT speakers for some friends and was so impressed by the sound and build quality that I bought a pair for myself, just to have around as backups. 

Edifier - a good brand! 

They try. And they do a fairly good job.

Their top-model bluetooth speakers are worth it. The others are satisfactory.