Best 1m Interconnect under $100

new or used. some i'm thinking of:

ridge street
vh audio
cardas crosslink
kimber 8tc

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Signal Cable Silver Resolution- 100$ used -Will mop the floor with the other stuff..(including most not even metioned here)
Nordost Blue Heaven...if you look hard and act fast.
At that price, the Ridge Street MSE is super!
Used Kimber Hero
Nothing in your price range will compete with Ridge Street!
May I ask if you plan on replacing the Venustas with a $100 IC? If you find one to be its equal at that price--I haven't--please let us know.

Considering the sonic qualities of your SET amps & Purist cables, you will likely find the Ridge Street to be the best performer of the bunch, though perhaps missing some of the warmth inherent in your current system configuration.

Best of luck!
There is no one interconnect at any price point that will be the best in every system due to the wide variety of components, and listener preference. I'd suggest picking three or four, buying them used, and auditioning them all in your system. Pick the one you like and sell the rest at little or no loss.

Do you still have the VH Audio Spectrum Cu?
How did it work out for you?
Where are you putting these $100 IC's ??
The ones you have are pretty well regarded.
Tvad is right on. That said, I've found the Straightwire Encore's to be a very good, neutral interconnect at a very reasonable price. The Cable Company at or can be a good resource too.
DH Labs BL-1 Series 2
JPS Ultraconductor
I recommend you try the Speltz Anti-Cable. I could not believe how good they were for $100.00. Paul's a nice guy to boot!
Check out
Check out
Silent Audio? I tried their cables, but no sound came out.
Would second the JPS ultras. Currently own both Ridge Street and VH Audio- both excellent cables- but the JPS are more versatile in terms of system matching- they don't give up much, especially for the price.
Thanks for the responses. The cable isn't for me. It's for a friend who is building a modest system. Speakers are Quad 22L, driven by a Harmon Kardon receiver and a squeezebox. The interconnect is for between the squeezebox and the HK. He's hoping to move up to an Arcam receiver later this year.

He wants to make an improvement over his no name radio shack interconnect, and isnt' interested in buying a bunch, auditioning and then selling off the losers. It shouldn't be hard to beat a no name interconnect with a quality cable.

BTW, the VH Audio Spectrum is absolutely stunning. Very transparent, but not brittle or cold in any way.
blue jeans cables


Even if you don't buy them, you owe it yourself to read their website in its entirety.
redio shack....seriously
I second Danlib1's recommendation for Speltz anti-ics. It's the second best ic I've heard. They made my previous $3500 (1 set) of ics sound veiled in the highs and bloated in the bass. That was right out of the box because the Speltz cables need little to no burn-in.

They sell for $100 1m pair.