Best $1k pair of floor standing speakers?

I know, I know, not another best of thread.
But here goes...
I can pick up a brand new pair of KEF Q7's for a little less than a grand.
I've heard them, liked them very much, but I'd like to check out a few others.
Any suggestions?

What about some Soliloquy 5.3s. Retail for 2200.00 can be had for $990.00 new. I don't think the best exists but these are darn good. It was a Class B recommended speaker by Stereophile.
If you're looking at new speakers, I would recommend you check out Energy loudspeakers as well. I'm very impressed by their C-1 and XL-15 bookshelf speakers. They made floorstanding versions of both these lines. Haven't heard the Q-7's, but they seem to be a very handsome spk. Good Luck!
If you had the room, the amplifier power, and the aestetic willingness, I think the best speaker you can buy for around $1000 is a pair of used Magnepan 1.6QRs. I haven't heard a speaker for less than ~$3000-$4000 that I prefer more. It has beautiful top-to-bottom coherence, good dynamics, great micro and macro details. It is a little soft at the very top of the frequency range, particularly when compared to Magnepan's true ribbon designs (the 1.6 uses a quasi-ribbon design) and its bass is wonderful as far down as it goes (~35Hz, depending on the room), although it sounds (or should I say feels) different than the bass coming out of typical box speakers. It is a sure classic and one of, if not the most affordable truly "musical" speaker ever made. I respect people who are not Maggie fans, but I have to admit I don't understand them. . .
What happened to the Cornwall's? They would be a nice choice for inexpensive, but super sounding, amplification.

Would be best to list the rest of the system in order to receive knowledgeable input (this includes my post as well as any which proceed this added info:-).

Room dimensions/listening styles are also important info.
I'm going to have to vote for eminent technology LFT-VIIIa's. They need a fair amount of power to really get them going, but they're the best speaker i've heard in the ~$1000 speaker category.
Good points Dekay.
Room is small about 11x14x10
Listening styles, let's just say I'm a big Dream Theater fan.
Cornwalls are way, way to big for this room and I'm not a big horn fan anyway.
Amplifier will be the McCormack DNA-125
Preamp McCormack RLD-1

Gmood1, I will definately check into the Soliloquy's. I've heard some of these, not sure the model, a few years ago and was very impressed but not in the market at the time.

I've owned the Magnepan 1.6 in the past. Your right, very nice sounding speaker. But also way to big for this little room, proper placement would be impossible.
DEFINATELY agree with the 5.3 Soliloquy's for your room size.
Be prepared to put WAY more than the recommended 500 hours on them before they really get sweet. Most sell them before they get magical,, definately worth serious consideration.

Probably one of the best values in speakers around right now imho.
A few decent speakers I've used "well" in such a small room have been:

Ls3/5a's (mine were a late 70's Rogers version with add on bass units/stands). I later used custom bass units, but the standard versions were still pretty good.

Reynaud Twins MkII. These bettered the Rogers all round, IMO, though it would probably be a toss up (for many) between the two.

Please note that the Rogers bass modules were not sub woofers (doubt if they were flat to even 40 Hz in any of the rooms I used them in).

Sorry, don't have a great deal of experience with rooms this size (only used them a few times).

My bedroom is approx. this size, but the speakers I'll be using will combine vintage drivers with custom DIY cabinets (not a fun/easy way to go unless you are broke and/or a masochist:-). I'm also shooting for "speech" reproduction as they will be used mainly for movie and TV audio.
Some good suggestions above, although I would not personally recommend electrostatic or planar speakers in your rather small room. I'll add only one choice to the mix: a pair of used Vandersteen 2Ce's -- you might even find a pair of used 2Ce Signatures at just over $1k. The Vandies pair very nicely with your McCormack electronics, and will also perform well in a smaller room. If you want a nearly full-range speaker that simply makes great music, you won't find much (maybe any) competition with the 2Ce / 2Ce Signature for around $1k.
To paraphrase an anonymous Soliloquoy dealer, "They really don't sound good at all with solid state amps. With tubes, excellent value". At the time, I was considering them for my HT system. This dealer had no interest in discouraging me from them. After listening, I was in agreement.
I second Sdcampbell's recommendation of used Vandy 2ce. Particularly synergistic with McCormack. I believe they used to show together at some of the audio shows...

I'm going to have to contradict a few people here, and what is a generally held consensus. My room is comparable in dimensions to Geoh's, except it opens into a dining room at the rear. I have had much better results across the board with my LFT-VIIIa planar hybrids than with a pair of vandersteen 2cis in the same room. Of course, these are with my ears and my room (although my girlfriend thinks the lfts sound much better, too).
Hello Gitarretyp I see you really like the Eminents. I talked to Bruce Thigpen for an hour or so a couple of months ago. I still haven't had the chance to listen to his speakers yet thou. Hard to locate them setup. Most people don't know he holds several ribbon driver patents.Some are used in Monsoon and VMPS speakers.Really nice guy maybe I will eventually get a chance to check them out ..his factory is maybe 3 hrs from me but he doesn't have a room setup for listening.

Enjoy the Eminents and happy listening!
Dream Theater with Soliloquy's? I've never heard DT on these speakers but for justice to be done to the music, I'd look at a pair of Totem Model 1s.

I'd be interested in hearing how Soliloquy's deal with Led Zep and Pink Floyd though.
Eminents LFT VIIIa's are not 1k speakers, nor even that close any more.

If you think of that price for new and want something approaching full range and a more or less known quantity, then you have Vandersteen 1, Maggie 12, the 1k NHT floorstander reviewed awhile ago in Stereophile or a cheaper Triangle floorstander. 6moons also reviewed the tiny 1k Walsh speakers and claimed they go fairly low, if you want something slightly strange.