Best $1k Integrated Amp for Spendor S3/5's

Hello, I'm looking into purchasing a preowned set of Spendor S3/5's with a Velodyne sub and wanted to see if anyone has any ideas as to which $1k integrated would work best with them. Some ideas are:

Creek 4330SE or 5330SE, Linn Majik or Classik, MF X-150, or Naim Nait 3 or 5. Also, if going the tube route, Jolida or Cayin look like strong options in that price range.

For the transport, was looking to either go with a Bel Canto Dac 2, MF X10D/PSU, or ART DI/O and Rega Planet as the CDP.

Also, any thoughts on how to build a sub $2500 system by changing any of the above pieces are greatly appreciated.
Prima Luna-I believe the EL34 model was up for sale at $925.Though I don't think you could go wrong dropping $1345 on the 40W/KT-88 model.No tube biasing.
I really liked my Jolida 302b with a pair of Spendor S3/5. The Jolida had more detail, better soundstage, and smoother less fatiguing highs than a either a Linn Classik and a Linn Wakonda/LK85. The Jolida also had less problems driving the S3/5 compared to the Linn Classik.

On the solid state side a Nait 5 should be interesting...

Good luck with your search!

The Onix SP3 is a killer. Beautifully made, excellent sonics, damn good reliability thus far, and dead quiet.... You can pick one up NEW at AV123 for about $700.00. I've had one I've been messing around with for about a month and love it.
2 Integrated Amplifiers that continue to impress me at that pricepoint are the Unison Unico and the Creek 5350SE. Both can be had used here on Audiogon in 9/10 condition for under $1,000.00.

Everytime I listen to them at my friend's house, I am just blown away for the performance/dollar ratio.

Good luck..

I can't speak to the pairing of your speakers. I have an ASL 1001 DT with NOS tubes. This amp is often sold used here on Agon. It's an amazing piece and at it's price a great value. You can buy one used with money left over for NOS tubes. In my system this integrated sings. Stay away from the older models.
Just a comment on the Unison Unico: I had the Unico for a couple of months,
and I was not very impressed to say the least. I tried a couple of different
tubes in the Unico but compared to the EL34 based Jolida it sounded veiled,
lifeless and boring. I really preferred the built and remote capability of the
Unico but sold it after 4 months and kept the Jolida. Maybe it was just a bad
match to the speakers (the person who sold it to me also used S3/5 but did
not like the Unico), but my wife thought it was the worst sound we ever had
at home. Anyway, it got me to the point to really question professional
reviews like for example Sam Tellig's ...

The Jolida is an amazing amp for the money and worked exceptionally well
with the Spendors. I did not hear the Primaluna or Onix, but heard many good
things about them. The Prima has selfbiasing and a better built which might
make it a better option than the Jolida. Sonically the Jolida is hard to fault at
the price.

All the brands you mentioned should be great to built a sub $2500 system,
now its up to you to find out what you really like...


Without a doubt, the Exposure 2010 is among the best choices you'll have. Arguably better than the Nait in PRaT, the S3/5 will enjoy the additional power and you'll see more bass extension and (heaven forbid!) a soundstage. I've had both Naim/Spendor and Exposure/Spendor combinations and wildly prefer the latter.
I have 2 Spendor dealers close by and I reached the conclusion that I really liked Spendors with a tube amp much more than solid state.
Interesting. Which tube amps?
The last demo I had of the Spendors 3/5 and 5e where with a VTL IT-85 ($3k new so it's not in this price ranage). However I liked it much better than the mostly low to moderately expensive solid state amps which I've demoed with Spends. The dealer knew I was not a tube person yet suggested the comparision as he seemed to perfer the spendors with a tube amps also. The tube/solid state comparision did not strike me as much when powering the B&W (which I own).
Either way I think they do sound better with 100+w/ch. I suggest demoing as much as possible. Good luck, Al
Exposure 3010. Good luck finding one.
I would seriously consider the NAIM line
I recently purchased a Qinpu A-1.0x new for under $800 and am very impressed with it. I've had some nice integrated amps in the past, the Classes CAP-100, Rowland Concentra to name a few, and this inexpensive Qinpu is quite good. It has a wonderful tube-like ambience in the midrange yet is more focused than some of the tube integrated amps that I have heard. It also has good control on the bottom end and a nice detailed and extended top end. Anymore I don't even consider an integrated amp unless it has a remote volume and the A-1.0x has this feature.
Hi Bobgates, I was curious if you had done a comparison of the Jungson 88D and the Qinpu A1.0x. That would be an interesting comparison.