Best $1500 DAC: Recent or Past

I am very familiar with the "old" classics like the Levinson 36 or Theta GENV. How do they stack up to the new DACS or upsampling DACS in the $1500 range, new or used? Any advice is appreciated, especially from those familiar with the characterists of the past late 90's era "A" rated DACS.

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For the same $$$, I used to prefer the older DAC's. IMHO the better built analog output stage of a $4K list price older DAC, that currently could be had used for around $1K, makes a better sonic improvement then the latest upgraded digital chip and a weaker analog stage in a new DAC that lists for $1K. I say used to, because since I've re-discovered analog, I've sold all my DAC's/jitterbugs/digital cables. I just use a cd player when I get busy or lazy to set up the vinyl.