best 12ax7 tube with jj el34l for Jadis Orchestra

I finally am setting up my new sound room after three years. I built an 18x18 sound room and I am getting the best holographic sound stage that I have ever had. Not only do the speakers disappear, but the entire room also disappears as well. And the texture of the sound is spectacular.
I am using JJ EL34L and Telefunken 12ax7. I want to try to find options for the 12ax7 tubes. I want to brighten up the tones a little bit, but not lose the texture or holographic sound stage.
I have no experience with 7025 or 5751 tubes, but have read positive posts recommending them, although not regarding using them with the Jadis.
Any advice is most welcome. Thanks again.
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I own a Jadis DA-60 and use 5751s preferentially . My favorite is the well known Sylvania triple mica blackplate. You might want to try some others but the rule of thumb is to use the earlier tubes with 3 mica spacers and I like the black plated tubes as do most people. That doesn't mean you have to and I think you might want to hear what a grey plate tube sounds like. The big names are Sylvania, RCA, and GE. Tung Sol and perhaps another made 5751s but were not very good or special IMO. There really aren't any true European tubes (you might come across a Siemens tube but most of the ones I have seen are relabeled GEs).
If you just want to see what one sounds like buy a current production 5751, JJ makes one and there is a Sovtek as well, or get a JAN GE or JAN Sylvania they are double mica I believe. They should be less expensive than a the 50s or early 60s triple mica tubes.
I have found the 5751 to be a very good imaging tube that should equal your Telefunken in that sense. As for extra sparkle well I don't know but you should give it a try. I did not like the RCA 7025 that I had, it was prone to distort at fairly low volumes. Good luck and listening.
I also have used 5751s in place of 12AX7s for years. The triple mica black plates from the 50s are the best. Don't buy the gray plates or the later two mica versions.

My personal preference is RCA, then Sylvania, then GE. All are excellent IMHO. GE is best bang-for-the buck.

Full disclosure: I currently have Sylvanias for sale on eBay and have a pair of GEs that I am getting ready to post.
I think that mullards have a little more sparkle than telefunkens but may not be as robust. Amperex seem to be a little softer. GE's can really brighten things up. 5751's were always to "forward" for me.
You might want to PM member Trelja. IIRC, he's a big fan of Jadis integrateds and more than likely has some well-informed recommendations.
I am surprised that Trelja hasn't offered his thoughts on this as he has or had a Jadis Orchestra Deluxe for many years. I know he also had or has a DA-60. I think we both liked the Sylvania triple mica Black plate 5751 at one point but he may have changed his preference so I cannot speak for him. I'll see if I can get his choice for the 12AX7 in the Jadis integrateds.
Trelja's response in a pm....

Yes, the 5751 sound the best of any variant, with the Sylvania triple mica black plate at the top of the heap. I wholeheartedly recommend them. Some will mention they have lower gain than a 12AX7, and if memory serves me correctly, I think that I did notice that in the JOR, which may keep you from using them in that application.

Believe it or not, the triple mica Shuguang 12AX7B, that regularly sell for $10 - $20 is one of the best sounding variants you can buy, and supplant a lot of the old standards, including Mullard. In my estimation, they're truly a no-brainer, so if you don't want to pay 5751 prices or don't want to absorb any loss of gain, I suggest you give them a try. I think you'll be quite happy with them.
Indeed, Matt contacted me offline, as Michael suggested, with my feelings above...

The Doctor (Mechans) and I evaluated those Shuguang 12AX7B when they were newly introduced, and they simply floored us. In fact, because of that, we organized a 12AX7 shoot out, where maybe 15 - 20 (WAY too many) folks attended. We used the Jadis DA60 as the test mule, with the tube under evaluation in the amp's driver positions. Interestingly enough, opinions across the group proved quite consistent. The Shuguangs made the final round, placing in the top (along with Telefunken ribbed plate, and the ultimate winner Sylvania triple mica black plate) 3, knocking out some truly (Telefunken smooth plate and Mullard) surprising contenders.
I just returned from a short trip and found the new Sylvanias already delivered.
I emptied the truck, went in and installed them, turned on the music, and left for a quick bite to eat.
Everything was warmed up when I got back.
I just wanted to say that even after only 2 hours, these tubes are sounding very nice.
I am going to sick back and relax and listen to some of my favorite tunes.
Thanks folks.