Best 12AX7 for phono preamp

Just curious what everyone's favorite 12AX7 is. I'm looking for a good set to put in my Art Audio phono preamp.
You will find there is no best.You'll have to go through trial and error. Most good quaility NOS tubes will work but each peice of electronics works differently so only take tips on tubes for starting points.If your lucky you can find someone with the same unit your using for a better starting point.Good Luck!
Go to the "tubes" section at Do a search for "12ax7". You'll get more opinions than you probably want. This has really been discussed to death. Good luck.
So far I have tryed the Telefunken NOS, Dutch Amperex NOS, RCA, GE, Tesla, Sovtek (WA, WB and LPS versions), Ei and Electo-Harmonix. To my ears the Electro-Harmonix are very good but the inexpensive Ei 12AX7s that I bought from Parts Express for $6.50 each sound the best.
I have to agree that the Ei's sound great.I've tried a number of NOS types in my CAT, but the dynamics, drive and tonality of the Ei's have been the best so far. Jim
I have also tried many NOS and new 12ax7 and I guess I have to now try the Ei tube. I have found that the Svetlana 12ax7 is a very nice new tube and think you can put it on your short list to try.I have tried numerous nos 12ax7 and remain using at this point the Svetlana.
So far I havve tried JJ , Svetlana, EH, and now those same Parts Express Ei and the Ei are the clear winners, it was obvious within seconds of turning on the amp,they just get it right.