BEST 12AX7 Bas/mids/high FQ's your choice

Mine is 
Telefunken 12AX7.
No nonsense **piched waist,,,D getters, Holy Grails~~~ no snakeoil
Just any old Tele will do.
NOS is OK, tests strong is perfectly fine as well.
Tests average for a poor man's budget.
I'd rather havea  Tele tests weak vs any other 12AX7 NOS on the market.
=a  medium testing  Tele will beat out a  Siemens NOS/Mullard NOS/GE NOS.
AS I say we are only speaking of tiny nuances of sonics, but that miniscle gives Tele the edge over all other 12AX7's.
Ck Ebay prices on Telefunken 12AX7, thats give ~~proof to the pudding~~~.
I have kind of stumbled into a new Psvane 12AX7LS black bottle tube that is really good, called the super tube. I run a phono grade low noise from Grant Fidelity, expensive but well worth it in my Aural Thrills Audio Serenade phono and have noted other positive reviews from other audiogoners. Enjoy the music
Ok back from 12AX7 tube shootout. 
Mullard/Siemens/Philips and assume my RCA/GE's as well, all 4 very EXTREMELY close to Telefunken, = Tele by a  thin edge. Now i know why Tele's go for 2X's the price,,folks want that ~~~miniscule nuance edge~~ ,, are they worth the extra $$$ = IMHO , 
No., The Tele's are not worth the 2X's price,,any old NOS 12AX7 will do ~~just fine~~. Now what 12AX7 am i going to keep?
Telefunken will stay. 
= if you do not have a  class A set up, don't waste money getting Tele and thinking you are going to get a  nice  sonic gain.
You are wasting your money.
Just get any NOS 12AX7 as they will sound same in your class B system. = cheap RCA/GE's will work perfect. In a  class B setup,
~~RCA/GE = Siemens/Telefunken/Mullard/Philips. 
~~Snakeoil Buster~~ down here in the Big Easy

I use 3 Tele 12ax7 in my Croft pre and 2 RCA 5751 in its phono section because for classical music the RCA is better than the Telefunken  .

I listen only to CM, 
When I make all my tests, it is with jazz/blues,,,I will try my RCA's with CM vs the Tele's. 
My idea was, the superior tube in blues/jazz dynamics, should also be best in CM. Agree the FQ's in CM is quite dif from jazz/blues. 
Will make a  roll today, and post my comments.