Best 12-10 guage cable for Subs

I'm have Synergistic Research AC Masters and Ref. for most components in my system, however, I'm looking to upgrade the power cables for my subs, which run at 500wattw each and came with 18 guage cables. I had heard that simply upgrading to a 10 guage would make a world of difference, but I was wondering if there was a moderately price 12 or 10 guage cable around $100-$150 that would be recommended.
After you buy your new wire go to home depot and buy some solid core 12 guage house wire and compare the two (you'll have to cut the ground wire back). I can garantee you that it will sound just as good if not better.And it should only cost you $6. I recommend not terminating them but if you have to, use high quality terminations from your nearest audio dealer.
Thanks for the tip. I figured that adding a thicker gauge solid core would do the trick. I tried it out and noticed a step up in overall performance, but am curious to see how some of the audioquest cables (with Hubbel connectors) might help... Elbert
You may have allot of success by upgrading the wire that is actually inside the sub. That way you will get the full benefit of the wire going to the sub. There won't be a bottle neck. Have you tried putting weight on top of the sub? After I put 50 pounds of weight on mine it dramaticly tightened up.