best 100- 200 used interconnect

I want warm in the mids, smooth highs and tight bass with slam. I know this is a tall order but I have to get away from my Nordost Blue Heaven which, despite having a very nice sense of nuance and inner detail, are thin and lightweight.

my system:
Rega CD 2000
Rogue M99 and M120's
Magnepan 1.6QR's

I am trying a pair of the Zero autoformers instead of speaker wire. These match the impedance of the speaker to the amp and should help tubes drive the Maggies. I will report back on these. I expect to replace the Nordost anyway. Someone told me to buy Kimber Hero, any other suggestions?

thanks in advance,
Siltech ST-18G3 or slightly more the SQ-28G3.
I sampled some Nordost rca's and I too found them a little "brittle" sounding. Don't think the kimber would be appropriate in your system (sampled a Kimber in the same session as the Nordost). Favorite cables in my system are: IXOS, Bradley(no longer made), JPS ultraconductor, and Wireworld Oasis III. IXOS and JPS are phenomenal but are slightly laid back compared to the wireworld which has a little more aggressive bass and dynamic slam to it. My cd player and speakers are leaner and more aggressive than your's so the JPS and IXOS are perfect for me but I'm thinking the Wireworld Oasis III would be perfect for your setup. Riveting musicality and used should only be around $35 and I guarantee will destroy the Nordost.
D.H. Labs are the best in that range.
JPS Superconductor+ or FX, can be had for about 150.00 used.
Stay away from Nordost.....Bright HT Pro Silkway... no bass
Phil, It almost looks as if you're hunting for a woman (smooth-tight-warm). I don't want to change the topic (inter-connects with distinct colourization) but would also like to query everyone as to what are considered the most transparent cables in the same $100 to $200 price range. So far I prefer coaxcail inter-connects like the WireWorld Polaris III's but would like to have everyone's input. Thanx.
LAT Internatinal. You will not go wrong. You'll have 30 days to decide. TRUST your own ears. Your money will go a long way. I use their stuff exclusively and am very happy. Try it. You'll like it.
vnd den hul
HT Truthlinks will meet your needs in your price range
Try audioquest Emerald or Viper

If you say warm and bass in the same sentence then you probably should check out the Cardas line of cables. Quadlink 5c would be in the used price range. Kimber Hero is definitely nice but very revealing. Good Luck!
thank you everyone,

It is amazing so many people (all with different systems) and so many different cables.
The only cable I have tried is the LAT and it is nice but I still had Nordost in the system and could not really tell. It was a little smoother to be sure (nicer high end) but not any more detailed or any better in the bass in my opinion (in my system).

I am leaning toward Wireworld or Siltech at this point.

Does any one know about Analysis Plus Interconnects? I know a lot of people who have Maggies love their speaker cable with them. I was hoping to hear some people recommend their ICs and would make my choice easy. Maybe they are not as warm?

thanks again
Phil, consider Van den Hul d 102 interconnects. A wonderful
product. I have used a Kimber Kable "Hero" in my system and
IMO it will not provide what you're looking for. For the money, (Aprx.$120) the VDH is superb value. Bill