Best 10 speaker cable for 250 ??

I am thinking about getting the Monster Cable Z3 ..???

Home-made Cat5 cables. Dirt cheap and sound great!
Whay length runs do you require as this determines the cost?
Used Cardis Hex or Purist Audio Maximus or Colossis. Both can be found at fairly reasonable prices used, but of course depends on age and length of the run.
Some of the characters got remvoed from the subject line..

I wanted to say "Best 10 foot speaker cable for 250 dollars"

Some how the single quote I used for foot and the dollar
sign didn't show up..

I really don't want to make cables.. I'm looking for
something toe-tapping but not bright or fatigueing..

Kimber 4TC or 8TC. Shop around for best price or purchase used.
The Alpha-Core Goertz MI 2 cables are within that price range..I feel they are worthy of consideration.
I have to second Lak's advice. For $250, the Kimber 8TC is the best choice you have. I've been using 8' lengths of bi-wire 8TC in my system for several years and have been very pleased with the performance.
I second the goertz cable at that price-range or a used oval 9.
Also in this price range is the Analysis Plus Oval 9 (used). There's a 10' pair for sale in the classifieds right now.

Note: This seems to be a cable people either love or hate. Not much commentary from the middle ground. But is there ever...?
Coincident has a new .5CST that is an incredible budget speaker cable. I had the CST 1s, but had to run a longer line in a new room. According to Coincident, you lose some detail. But I really can't say that I noticed. Very, very nice cable quality with heavy duty gold spades too!
I would highly recommend the Goertz MI-2 speaker cable in your price range, an oustanding cable for the money, worth considering.
I auditioned the CAT 5 DIY cables (168 strands or something like that) and still felt that the inexpensive Kimber 4VS ($3/ft) bettered them in all areas. I have been very curious about the Mapleshade Double Helix cables which fit your budget and have a 30 day return/refund policy. I went with a 47 Labs cable kit instead for now (should be receiving it later this week). I agree that Kimber 4TC is very hard to beat granted that your system is not on the bright side as it will not soften the sound from my experience but will not add brightness either. Some people are now "down" on Analysis Plus, but they do have a reputation for smoothing out the sound, if this is what you are looking for and have a strong following nonetheless. If you decide on AP I would recommend that you contact Disco at this site in regard to price quotes. He can also make custom connections if you require bananas instead of spades.
The Coincident CST 1 used 6' are had at about this price.cant be beat in the price range.I spent 6 months trying to many brands to list.IT WAS THE HANDS DOWN WINNER.
I also spent a great deal of time researching what is required to make a great cable.Coincident uses all of the key ingredients.
It depends on your system and speakers in particular. The Kimber 4TC is a vivid and fairly balanced cable, but can be slightly bass shy. I don't know if it's the best choice for a bright or fast speaker. I would still take it over 8TC, which sounded a bit slower than the 4. The Alpha-Core MI2 is also excellent at this price point, with more bass than the 4TC and refined highs. Heard some recently and bought a run for my own system.