Best $1,500-ish New or Used Floorstander -


After pouring through many posts over the last few weeks, I thought I would tap the collective Audiogon genius for advice on my quest to get back into the hobby. I have been a many year (decade?) fan of the community (lurker) but wanted to engage directly as I look for a good set of speakers for a 2 channel system I will be building.

What should my short list look like for speakers in the $1,500 range?

I am very open to used, but if there are any current production speakers that eclipse the used value equation I'll certainly give them deep consideration.

My room is "lively" and roughly 15 x 20.

Associated electronics: TBD - but budget commensurate with speaker pricing.

I'd like "well rounded" speakers in terms of music genre - not focusing on speakers that do well for "opera" and not rock, for example. If anything I'd like to make sure they "rock" though.

If you had $1,500 to spend on speakers that you hope last you many years - what would you get?


07-17-12: 968firehawk
Now off to researching a nice integrated to match.
Seriously, don't buy anything until you hear a properly set up Marantz PM8004. Read the TAS review from the ilnk I supplied above.
I have had many speakers in my house... ml aerius i, magnepan mmg and mg12, bw 9nt, vandersteen 2ce signature, paradigm, psb...
I bought a pair of rega rs5 last year and could not be happier: nice, well balanced and clear sound in a compact package, not too forward nor laidback; just right for me even close to the back wall. One more suggestion I know, but for the price ($1500-ish), to me they are worth it. A real step-up compared to what I have had for less and for more.
Linn Majik 140's. Retail at $3,000 and you can find them used on occasion for around your price range. Pair it with Linn Majik DSi and be done. Smoking good system that will play anything well.
Congrats on your RS-6. I've enjoyed this speaker in my home for a while and consider it very good. My best advice is to feed it tube amplification. My local dealer had it set up on his Ayon tube gear and I heard an absolutely stunning soundstage. I'm currently using a B&K mosfet amp which has tube-like sound, but falls short. I can't afford tubes at the moment, I have kids in college.
I bought a pair of Linn Majik 140's for 1500.00 new. Kept them for 1 year then moved up to Lipinski 707's. The 4 way Linn's are the best sounding Linn's I've ever owned. The 242's are great also but more expensive. I ran the 140's with SS and Tube. Tube being superior in all ways as usual. Good luck.