Best 1-2K class D or class T amp?

I have a Consonance tube amp at the moment and it sounds fantastic, top to bottom. Of course that's never quite enough and I was wondering if anyone thinks that a "digital" amp in the 1-2k range used would offer substantial benefits (source is an Emu 0404). Was looking at the CI-100 monoblocks. Thanks.
Red Wine Audio Signature 30 is stirring things up right now.
Ric Schultz of EVS has 2 new class D amps being released in about 2 weeks. One is a set of monoblocks that uses a highly tweaked Ice power 1000 ASP module. He used the Bel Canto REF 1000s as comparision and claims they will better them with the tweaks he added to the module. The other is a 2 channel version that uses 2 tweaked 200 ASC modules in a dual mono configuration with seperate pc for each channel. The Monos go for $800 and the monoblocks for $2000
I talked to Ric yesterday and he said these amps are better than his UCD based D amps.
I own a pair of Consonance Cyber 845 monoblocks as well as a Red Wine Sig 30.

Both are fabulous amps and the RW is the most amazing SS amp I've ever heard. It it utterly smooth and sounds like a great SET tube amp in every way.

Better than your current amp? I don't know. Probably not worse, but that's not a reason to upgrade.
Paul - agreed... need to find a digital amp to listen to around here (Pgh)
Fazoid, thanks for the heads up.
41hz website offers a DIY T amp that sounds excellent, although I have not heard a SS amp that I prefer to Tubes. 100w a channel for around 100.00
Let me put it this way: Does anything beat the CI D-100 monoblocks for the price ($1700)?