Bespoke Loudspeaker Company

New company launching: "BLC"

We come to your home, measure your hearing, map both ears and ear canals, analyze your listening room, calibrate the other components in your system, and perform both objective and subjective tests to determine your musical tastes and acoustic preferences .

Then we design and build from the ground up a one-off pair of loudspeakers just for you, white-glove deliver and install in your home.

All for the low, low price of $contactforfurtherinformation.

We already have our first client signed up.  As the first to test the waters, k****t will be receiving a special discount.

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Sounds great but there’s a problem... your test equipment was not optimized to K’s hearing and therefore any subsequent testing will only be suitable to the original engineers listening preferences.  
I’m sorry, but I’ve listened to just about every speaker manufactured and they all sound horrible, and no, there is no answer.  You’ve been duped.  
Speakers need to be custom tuned just like a piano requires tuning. 
What we need in the market is a team of bespoke speaker tuners that go around tuning the speakers of serious audiophiles. The speaker tuner would take into account your preference and listening environment before redesigning the crossover from scratch. If you needed 1db boost at 10khz to compensate for hearing loss due to old age, then so be it. The resultant frequency response would NOT be a generic ruler flat response, it would be unique to you. 

Many speakers in the marketplace receive strong criticsm for all the wrong reasons. Most speakers are often perfectly acceptable if only their crossovers were custom tuned to the customer. 

Since a speaker tuning service is not currently a mainstream service, audiophiles end up on the speaker merry go round, buying and selling speakers endlessly on the pretext of an 'upgrade.' Whereas all they really need is their speakers retuned. 

Of course, a significant minority of the audiophile community do not require custom tuning since their hearing is so poor that a generic off the shelf speaker would do the trick. 

Moreover, a speaker retuning service would negate much of the differences between any two given speakers, and would negate the need for more speakers to be produced and would damage the speaker industry. Consequently, its not surprising we do not see the wider availability of speaker tuning services
Wait- what? RU kidding me? I been doing all this so long now, just assumed everyone was. You are just now getting around to it? For reals?
Waste of money. Just get him a replica Sony Walkman and he'll be happy as a lark.
Still, you know, needing bespoke speakers, makes total sense.
I mean, two left ears.
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Will they bring a hot blond that will fit my preferred measurements? I do my own spaekers lols.
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I have a question for Miller and Mijo.
Do you pair travel as a pack just posting increasingly condescending remarks on various threads?
Or do you get off on just being the big keyboard warriors throwing out derogatory comments just because you can.
I mean seriously.......
Do you pair travel as a pack just posting increasingly condescending remarks on various threads?
I think the online world is getting more and more vicious and eventually won't be that much different from the real world.  It's unfortunate.  The so called "AI" is a sham.  

In the beginning it was all porn and science, and its been downhill ever since. 
1+ millercarbon. Uberwaltz, lighten up. There is nothing at all life threatening about any of this. I am really sorry you like old idler wheel turntables. Rumble away:)
And another light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek thread is torpedoed.
Not at all--you threw the bait--the fish wolfed it down and we all learned something new--the real speaker industry conspiracy is making sure there are not roving bands of crossover tuners going about and making all speakers sound exactly the same !
I don’t have ear canals, my ears are digital.
You don't drive a white van by chance?