Besides the Audiolab 6000CDT,

which other transports would you recommend in its price range (~$600)?  I have the Parasound zDAC version 1.


I've owned the 6000CDT.  Fantastic unit for the price.  Not sure I would spend a lot of time trying to find better in that price range.  I'm sure there are other opinions as everyone loves whatever it is they own. 

Also agree with @bigtwin Mine is almost a year old.

Great that it plays old (scratched) CDs that would skip on my other players.

I heard great things about this transport but didn't sound good in my system.

I replaced my DAC, but decided to see how ripped CDs sounded and they sounded great due to my new DAC.  Consider no transport as another option.

since (as you unambiguously state) you want a rec for something other than the audiolab, i'd look at the cambridge cxc. for much less $$$ you can't beat a used pioneer dvd-79.

I would look at used Bel Canto CD3t compact and  excellent sound could be in you price range. Made in the USA if COO is of any concern to you.


Something about those slot loading machines just bugs me.  And I have a Pioneer blu-ray player.  The loading time is ridiculous on those things and bugs me even more.  @loomisjohnson that cambridge just might be the ticket!  

@juanmanuelfangioii COO is not an issue for me, provided i can get decent service in the states, if necessary.   thanks!

@shtinkydog good deal--the cambridge is a solid piece. fwiw, the pio dv-79 isn't bluray and it loads and reads discs very quickly.

I can't speak to the Rega question however I do own the Cambridge CXC and it has preformed very well for me. Transports that are considered better cost much more.