Besides bare wire what is the a good conductor?

I have a set of DH Lab Q10 bi wire cable, good cables to say the least however they came with "cheap" super large spade connectors and some banana plugs. So far I like the WBT line of product and DH Labs however they are kinda expensive. So I headed down the search for a good quality locking wbt style or regular locking style. Since my wires are silver, it seems that many connectors are made out of brass gold plated, silver over rhodium, brass and the search is endless. Since my wire is made out of silver, besides bare wire what is a good conductor for my setup? Currently I have banana plugs into the amp and spades for my VSA speakers.

I've been looking online and I came across the following brands, like I stated before I love the WBT line but I am an "audiophile" on a budget, lol! If anyone have come across the product listed below and would like to share their experience please do....

Analysis Plus
Actually the Silver Sonic Q-10 is silver coating over OFC copper. There are many connectors made by reputable companies that feature similar materials. Audioquest, Analysis Plus, Cardas, and Vampire Wire are just a few that come to mind. Check them out.
Do you mean "connector" rather than "conductor"? (Actually you don't even have to use metal as a wire. Van den Hul make interconnects made of carbon)

If you like WBT (I use their locking bananas myself), you can buy angled bananas and spades by Furutech. The bananas are very similar to the WBTs, but only about two thirds of the cost. You can see them here:

Although the WBT locking connectors are expensive, keep in mind that they are a one time expense, good for a lifetime. All you leave behind if you switch cables is the crimped sleeve on the end of the cable. You can just unscrew the connectors and take them with you to your new cable. You just crimp some new sleeves on your new cable. The sleeves are quite inexpensive. A buck or two at the most.

I think Eichmanns are also good, relatively inexpensive connectors. You can see them at the same website I've noted above.
stick with bare wire, save your money. Nothing will be gained by putting audio jewlery at the end of your cables.