Besides Aja and zeppelin pressings, what others are demo level recordings?

Since I’ve realized completely quiet vinyl is impossible, what pressings are out there that can truly demonstrate the superiority of analog sound? The rich, detailed, natural sound that can blow you away? New or old pressings, doesn’t matter. And no I can’t afford to buy from better something that all the analog lovers out there have in their collections, hopefully reasonably priced! Would love to add to my collection. Thanks in advance for everyone’s input.
Try "Fear" by John Cale - one of my longtime favorites!
I can also recommend Interstellar and American Hustle. Many soundtrack have great sound quality and are not priced as audiophile records.
I invariably prefer British, German and Holland pressings of any album.  
Keith Jarrett:
Standards Live
Standards Still Live

ECM puts out great vinyl.

Anything by Supertramp,original pressings.