Berning ZH270 with B&W Nautilus 803?

I already have the speakers and am researching better amp(s). Have any of you Berning-philes heard or contemplated this combination? How well does/would it work? If one ZH270 wouldn't be adequate, would two work?

Real experiences or informed speculation only please. Uninformed speculation is my territory! <;~)
Dougdeacon, Where are you located?
Middletown CT, just far enough from the magnetic north pole so that even a Berning amp wouldn't be affected :)

P.S. to all, I just got an email response from David himself on this question. Very nice guy. He has heard a pair of Nautilus 801's driven by a Siegfried (a mis-match made in heaven?!) He said, "they filled a large room with just 10 watts. Siegfried did run out of gas on an opera recording, but handled everyting else with surprising ease." He predicted the ZH270's far greater dynamics would play the 803's very well.