Berning ZH270 Input Tubes

Has anyone out there that owns a Berning ZH270 power amp compared the sound of the GE 5965 5 star tubes with the Amprerex 7062's? I have been using the 5 star tubes and I just bought a pair of the 7062's. To my ears the 7062's have a very good top end with a slightly more recessed midrange (giving a sense of more depth). They seem to give a very 3 dimensional effect, but the bass seems to be softer with a warmer sound (not the bass impact of the 5 star). Can anyone give me their impressions.
I have found that using pinch waist Apmperex E180CC in the 1st position, Telefunken ECC803s in the 2nd, and Telefunken 12AV7 in 3rd, sounds best in my system. I have the 5 star's, but felt them too thin, with the berning. I liked them with Exemplar, but feel the PW amperex is best over all. I have some more PW on the way, and will play with adding more into the system. JMO, YMMV.
I found the GE 5 stars hard to beat. They just offer the best overall balance, had great bass and liquid midrange. As far as the 12AT7's go I like TungSol black plates for their lush midrange and great top end. The Siemens triple micas are great too. I never warmed up to the Teles 801s, they were very transparent but could sound etched at times.

I'm using the Amperex E180cc 1st,Telefunken Ecc801s 2nd and Mullard(probably 70's vintage) 12at7 last...very nice...
I am also using the Tung Sol 12AT7's I like the sound of them very much. I tried some Telefunkens, but did not think they were any better than the Tung Sols and they cost more money.