Berning ZH-270 Amplifier,Which Speaker?

Owners of the Berning ZH-270,Which speaker's are you guy's using?
I'am looking for a speaker with good weight at the bottom frequencies along with, a smooth,warm and laidback presentation.$6k is my Max Budget.
Many of us who have the 270 pair it up with Merlin Milleniums. This is one of the best matches with Merlins, along with Joule. I'm not sure how much bass weight you want, but given the design of the Merlins w/ the BAM, you won't get the absolute lowest octave. Having said that, I have plenty of bass weight in my system, but I must point out that I have a pair of modded 270's running as monoblocks and a preamp that has the best bass control I've heard personally. I am amazed at how much bass is coming out of that 6.5 in. woofer.
As far as smooth, warm and laidback, well, Merlins pretty much put out what you put into them, but generally are noted for being more neutral and revealing than warm and laid back. They are NOT bright, unless your upstream components are.
Also, there is a new iteration of the Merlins, which I haven't heard, but there is a thread in Speaker asylum where Bobby P. and other discuss the sound of the new version.
I have the Genesis 500 with the Berning ZH270. This is a very nice sound as they also have the servo amp for bass. I have not heard the Merlins but would love to compare. The Genesis are available used for under $5,000 & maybe under $4,000.
I have a pair of Gallo nucleus Reference speakers matched with my Berning. This is a great pairing because both the Berning and the Gallo's are very "fast". The music has great pace and speed. I am using a Supratek Syrah pre with the amp.

I have Meadowlark Ospreys which meet your criteria for sound but with your budget would suggest you consider the new Nighthawk

Expect you will find dealer willing to meet your budget.


Thank You Gentleman,For Your Time!
And thank you Gts87 for your comments on a the Merlin VSM thread I initiated almost 4 years ago. I own these speakers with the Berning and it is just magic. Two of the very most satisfying audio purchases of my life.
I'm probably late to the party here, but just want to add that Kharma Ceramiques also work really well with Berning 270.
Sorry to be late for reply.
I am using Sonus Faber Signum w/REL Strata subwoofer. If I had your budget today, I would go for Cremona Auditor with TWO subwoofers. It all depends on your taste and the room. Ken.
For 6K you can pick up a used pair of the Melin MX speakers. The synergy between the ZH-270 and the MX is remarkable. So much so that I believe that David is only selling new 270's to Merlin owners.

I recently changed amps from the Simaudio W5 to the Berning Zh-270 and was floored by the deep textured bass from these speakers. I also use a Joule LA-100 linestage and Audio Aero Capitole Mk2 wirh Cardas ICs.
Merlin VSM-Ms for sure! I'm running these with the Berning, and it is very pleasing.

Another option: If you look for a back article in Stereophile a few months ago, Fremer did a tour of Sonus Faber in Italy. He mentioned that the Berning was used as their design reference.
Another Merlin recommendation, but this one from an MX owner. I would agree w/Oneprof that Merlins aren't likely to often be described first-and-foremost as "laid back", but they are when the music is. The MX is almost flat to 25hz where the BAM filters out what's below(mostly subsonic junk).
Smooth? No doubt.
Warm? Dunno about that one, think it depends on associated components. The beauty of it is that the Berning/VSM-MX combo lets the various sources, cables etc. reveal what they do(for better or worse). You'll need to upgrade to very high $$$ range to get something that will outperform the MX; Some folks would recommend Kharmas(I haven't heard them)...not many choices that will run right on the Berning's 70w. Most of the other speakers I'd recommend(Sound Lab, Maggie, Von Schweikart) need a different type of amp(i.e. big!)
Side note: I also used the Berning w/Quad ESL-63USAs, and they never sounded better. However, the Merlins kill the Quads, in most every way. Cheers, Spencer