Berning ZH-270

I'm about ready to become a ZH 270 user and would like to know what pre do you use with your Berning?
Thanks for your help, SABREJET
I use a Supratek Cortese tube preamp with my ZH270. They compliment each other very well as they are both lightning fast and they let the music shine through. You will love the Berning. I believe it is one of the best amps in the world.
Tron Comet. No longer manufactured, but Tron is still in business and makes the (much more expensive) Syren, and in phono stage (and maybe line stage?) the Seven, which is around 4K? Not sure. BTW, I also had a Cortese, although it was an older model, the Tron beat it handily. Again, it was an older model, so can't speak for current models. You could wait for the new Berning preamp :)
When I owned the ZH-270, I used Joule Electra LA100 III, LA150 , Joule OPS1 phono stage and also the CAT SL1-MkIII. All are good combinations, with the Joule a little better than the CAT on phono side. The CAT is very strong in dynamics, but a bit less fleshed out in its portrayal of spacial information and depth of images in particular. Cheers,
Hello Oneprof,

I did not see anything on Berning's website about a new preamp. Any idea where I can get some info on it?
I feed my Aesthetix Io with volume controls right into the ZH 270 and it works just fine.

Berning's new equipment including the preamp will be more of a statement product with far more robust power supplies, better parts and heavier chassis. The ZH 270 will look "tinny" in comparison. The prototype amps that I saw used the ZH 270 technology but were mono configured. The pre-amp will include a digital LCD type function display and will be remote controlable.

I surmize that the ZH 270 will fund the new venture and eventually may be updated or even eliminated as the new line takes over from where the ZH 270 leaves off.

I have pictures of the prototypes from the recent show in Montreal..but can't post directly here... Nkj
SLowhand, Nkj got it right, so far there is only a prototype preamp that has been demo'd at shows.
i use an EMOTIVE SIRA LE killer combo, makes me want to listen to my system any chance i get. very musical
Diamonddude, the SIRA is a 5687-based preamp, isn't it? So is the Tron, always wanted to pick up a Sira to compare (plus emotive audio is only about 90 minutes from me).
Do any of you guys have a e-mail address for Allan Bhagan?
Allan's A-gon moniker is Allanbhaganinfo

Look him up under members via the home page and you'll be able to send him an e-mail
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I found him and sent out an e-mail.