Berning EA-230

I am mulling over buying a Berning EA230, to be mated to a Berning TF-10 pre, Electrovoice 12 TRXB's, VPI Scout and Parasound CDP-2000 as sources...

The amps would be competing with a pair of 6550 tubed monoblocks with Dynaco iron and maybe Audio Reseach kind of design..the AR guy owned them eons ago...

Anyone have any experience with the Berning EA230 and its capabilities?
I owned the first or second prototype of the EA-230 around 22 yrs ago or so; a very good sounding little amp.
I had a pair of then and had them wired in mono for 60 watts of power. They are a bit tricky to bias, (must adjust from the bottom, laying the unit on its back) but what a great sounding amp. I traded them in about 8 yrs. ago and still think of them from time to time. Sure wish I still had them!
I have a pair of them wired as 60W monoblocks. I think they're great, but then again, I own a TF-12 preamp as well, and another couple Berning amps too, so I guess I'm biased. The 6JN6 output tubes are cheap and plentiful, and the amp(s) take quite kindly to 6SN7 rolling. I replaced the bias pots on mine (I had a dead spot), installed new input and output connections, and updated the power supply caps (same Sprague series and value, just 13 years newer). Grab one if you can, and if you don't like it, you can always sell since they seem to be increasing in value, and there is a demand for them. Good listening.