Berkleley Audio Alpha DAC, does it hold up in 2014

There seems to be a flurry of Alpha DACs recently on the used market and they dont seem to zoom off the ads like they used to. Is there a "new kid on the block" around five thousands that really outperforms the Alpha? I hear about Auralic VEGA's, but does this DAC sound better than a Alpha Dac running with a Alpha USB?
I think they are coming out with a new DAC in a month or two. So I would think they must think their old version could be improved upon to make a new one.
Where the Alpha1 and Alpha2 sold new in the $5000 area, the new DAC will sell for $15,000 (according to reports I've read). So I conclude that this new DAC is their attempt at SOTA and probably not a replacement for the Alpha. Very few if any reports as to the sound quality of the new DAC as yet although there have been photos. Wouldn't surprise me to see an Alpha3 utilizing trickle down technology from the SOTA DAC.
IMO: Purchasing any new DAC is like shooting at a moving target. Something "better" will soon appear.