Berkely Alpha Dac 1 with Oppo 205?

Is an improvement in sound quality likely from this pairing. What is likely the best connection?
In general blu ray / DVD are not good as transports.
It’s better to invest in pure cd transport (without build-in DAC) with the Berkely Alpha Dac 1.
The BADA is a very smooth, kind of cool sounding DAC.

I think you'll like it a lot more than the Oppo built-in DACs. Don't go too crazy with cables, but short coax is often preferred, however if you can't hear a diff, use what is most convenient. :)

@erik_squires . Unsure what you mean by cool. My goal for a better DAC is to obtain increased clarity and dynamics. I find a lot of pleasure in the nuance; from orchestral and chamber to jazz and solo instrument. I’m hopeful :)

I haven't heard the BADA with a lot of different equipment. The presentation I heard, along with CAT preamp and amp and Magico speakers was glass smooth, but the opposite of warm.

To your own ears be true.

@erik_squires . Smooth sounds attractive as I consider that to be free from distortion or harshness. I think I’d be considered a listener who appreciates ruthlessly revealing due to appreciation of refined nuance. I love the subtle detail of individual instruments in orchestral work as I find genius resides there as much as the grand overall musical pattern. Thanks for your input. Pete
Just looked at an interesting review of the original alpha dac in Audiosciencereview. The measurements are interesting. Will look to compare to the Alpha Dac 2