Berkeley vs Antelope anyone compared ?

Has anyone compared this two DACs?
I'm going to do it next week.
Interesting if any opinions...
I'm looking forward to your impressions. I'm going to AB mine against some other DACs soon.
Sold my Berkeley & went in for Zodiac+ ! It was an easy choice !
You say it was an easy choice. Can you tell us what differences you heard ie, frequecy resolution, stereo imaging etc?..
How was it better?
I just read the 6moons review. It seems to be good in the upper frequency range and imaging department but the mid and lower octaves are weak.It also lacks slam according to the review.Also some very interesting pictures showing a rather cheap build.
I am glad I saw that review. It is also warrantied for only ONE year( but even owners didn't know until they contacted the rep who then contacted the head office). The info isn't even in the manual or website. In the specs it weighs a mere 4.4 lbs . Obviously from the photos and weight it seems to be made on the cheap.
Right now, after what I was able to find out on other sites I wouldn't touch that thing at that price.
Yes, the build quality definitely looks very iffy. For me though, the things that kills it is the wallwart power supply. I can't believe how they manage to sell something from $2700 and have such a cheap power supply. To me a quality power supply is on of the most important factors in a good audio component.
Just a few thoughts for this discussion:
1. Maybe the Zodiac Gold might be worth a listen.
2. I looked up the Antelope dealer list and none seemed to be audio dealers plus there are very few. Could be wrong here but none sounded familiar to me.
3. There is an optional separate power supply available but I don't know the price.
4. If one opts for the Gold version + power supply you're in a much higher buck range.
I agree with 6moons.
It is very good at upper frequency range and imaging is fantastic.
But bass is weak.
I think it is because of power supply.
With optional must be much better !
And interesting to listen Gold!
"I can't believe how they manage to sell something from $2700 and have such a cheap power supply"

Welcome to "high end" audo. I have a USB converter that sold for over 1k that has a cheap wallwart power supply made in China.