Berkeley DAC vs Wyred DAC

Wondering if anyone in their audio travels has had the chance to compare these two DACs? I listened to the Berkeley today and thought it stunning - the comparison was with the top of the line Electrocompaniet CD player's internal DAC. With the Berkeley everything suddenly sounded easy and natural. The Wyred 4 Sound DACs have been getting great reviews, but are obviously leagues less expensive - I think their amps perform way above their price bracket, hence the outwardly unrealistic question re the DACs. Any comments welcome. Rob.
hi rob,

i replaced a weiss minerva - which i've read is close to the berkeley - with a Wyred DAC and have no regrets. i actually prefer the Wyred DAC to the Minerva. it's every bit as detailed as the minerva, but i find it's presentation less 'artificial' sounding. it seems to combine the best attributes of the weiss and the tube dac i also owned.

don't let the low price put you off... the Wyred DACs are really remarkable components.

oh, and EJ over at W4S is EXCEPTIONAL to deal with.