Berkeley Alpha DAC vs Lampizator Big7

I am happy owner of Berkeley Alpha DAC mkI + Alpha USB , but after 2 years of using it I feel maybe try something new
I heard god opinions about Lampizator Big7 
Does anybody here on this forum who heard both of this devices, and can tell differences
very important for me is how good is usb input in Lampi Big7 vs alpha usb because I play from MacMini as a source
Sorry for my english..,
Thanks for any comments and advice
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Hi Donpen,

I have owned a BAD for years and recently upgraded the software via a download file from the Berkeley website.  It made a huge improvement in the musicality and rendering of PCM files and added support for MQA formats.

You might want give it a try, something new, before you replace your BAD.


Few Audiophiles over at Computer Audiophile forum moved from Lampi GG to Aqua Acoustics Formula XHD DAC. The Thread can be found under DACs.
I owned both DAC systems you are asking about, first the BADA DAC + USB, then the Lampi Big 7.  The move to the Big 7 was a lovely upgrade for me and my system.  It brought more of everything, and in a more holistic musical presentation.  It was more informative about what is on the recording, and this seemed to bring greater harmonic realization, better timbre, a much more present and live feeling IME. 

At first I fed my Big 7 from the Alpha USB to SPDIF and liked that.  I only used that, because I presumed that it was simply a top notch input for a DAC, and I read that a lot DAC USB inputs weren't so good sounding.  Well, I broke the Alpha USB converter input and had to send it in for service, which meant I was forced to feed the Amanero USB input that the Big 7 comes with from my Windows 7 PC directly.  It was a very nice improvement in sound quality.  Caught be by delighted surprise!  I sold the Alpha USB and used the Amanero USB input until I sold the unit to go up to the GoldenGate.  Yep, I got hooked on what a Lampi can bring to the music.  Hope this helps!
Lampi offers a SQ that no solid state Dac brings.
Thanks for all comments
Mysearcher257 i think upgrade software to MQA options will be first What I will do
Meanwhile I will try borrow Lampi7, to try it in my system