Berkeley Alpha Dac Series II, anyone heard it?

I am interested to know how it might sonically improve on the original dac. Any opinions will be appreciated.
Don't think there are many of these around yet. May have to give it a month or two before you get responses.
good question
I know these forums hate it if you mention another forum, but, hey, I mentioned Audiogon over there today, so it is all even :).

ComputerAudiophile has a lot of info/commentary right now and review of this piece coming up soon.

Some of the folks there *really* like it.
I have heard from a dealer that the changes are very minimal.

The USB device is probably a much bigger upgrade.
Lightminer...I have not seen any user reports over there on the BADA series 2? There are some comments on the USB interface, including mine (it's been quite the addition, outstanding piece of gear). I'm waiting on delivery of my series 2 dac, maybe 2 weeks more. I waited 2 months but hey, 5 months for the USB interface and it proved well worth it! Honestly, I could have lived with my series 1 dac forever but curiosity got the best of me:)
Okay, you are right. There is a review here:

In the comments, but I thought it was for Series 2 as the Series 2 product is discussed right next to it but with very careful reading it seems they are raving about the USB product with the old Alpha DAC.

The changes - well the DAC itself is unchanged as far as I know. They did more work around the input from the USB device in order to isolate it more - but it is supposed to be an audible difference from non-Series 1. But, yes, the main thing is the USB asynchronous device.

Chris himself says Dec 21st is the earliest he can see getting a review out. So Christmas orders based on his review will have to be local pickup :).

That thread looks like the place with the most recent info that I can find...
In addition to the isolation from what I understand the clock is the major change. This is the same clock chip that is used in the Alpha USB and is supposed to be a new, SOTA chip.
Interesting. Makes me wonder exactly how this works - does each clock control its downstream component, or does the clock in the DAC control the computer? I mean, I'm assuming at that price that there is a clock in the USB device, that may not be true.
Keithr, the dealer must have had some series 1 still to sell...if he hadn't, he'd be talking about all the improvements. I'm still curious to hear from someone who actually heard the new series though, especially in comparison with the first edition.
Branislav...I have had my dac now for a couple of weeks but the trouble is I had sold my series 1 several weeks before it arrived. I think I have a good feel for the differences but I have not done a direct A/B not is this device settled in completely.

In general, I would have to say that RH's recent review is accurate. My main objection to his statements may be that I perceive the differences to be more subtle than his rave report suggests. It's absolutely better and it is audible at first listen. The greatest attribute of the series 2 for me is an ease that really does suggest more analog than digital. Imaging is more defined but also sounds more natural. Treble is a bit sweeter. Overall, I am wowed by the dac and there is no other digital device I care to own, regardless of price. FYI, I use it in combination with the Alpha USB and would recommend that for anyone considering this device.
That is usually the case with raving reviews glorifying big differencies, but it's good to know that the new version is better and that it's clear from the first listen. I wonder with so many capabilities, if it performs equally good with a regular cd transport...
Hi Richard_stacy, you say "I perceive the differences to be more subtle than his rave report suggests" but you then say "It's absolutely better and it is audible at first listen". I am confused between more subtle and absolutely better. Kindly explain. Thank you.
Sabai... admittedly, I'm not much for audiophile verbal expression so my apologies if it comes off as confusing. I guess I was just trying to say that I was able to notice improvements as soon as I began to listen to the series 2 but as a whole, I don't think they are crazy dramatic...just better. These things are so very subjective, it's hard to illustrate on a forum. I love the new dac and I am glad that I made the change, that's about the best endorsement I can give. On the other hand, I still feel as if the series 1 is among the best out there and gets you most of the way there. How to measure the difference between is pretty hard to do.
Richard_stacy, thanks for clarifying this. Your explanation gives me a much clearer picture of your observations.