Berkeley Alhpa II or Wadia 27?

I need your advice. I have a Wadia 27 Dac that I have always loved but it does not do Hi-Rez and Wadia does not offer the i and/or ix upgrades to get it to do 96kHz.
I have the opportunity to get an Alpha Dac II in a great price but i have never listen to an Alpha DAC (just read reviews) so I am wondering if I should sell my Wadia to get the Berkeley.

What's you opinion?
If you are getting the Alpha at a great price, can you bring it in for a couple of weeks to A/B against your Wadia? You could decide between the two and sell the one you decide not to keep.
Get the Alpha DAC2. You will truly be amazed by the sonic improvement over the 27! IMO: The 27 isn't even close.