Bergmann Magne

Hi All
I am looking at getting a new TT and was wondering if anyone has any experience / comments on the Bergmann Magne
I am also looking at the Clearaudio Innovation Wood (Compact). I read that the Bergmanns has a linear tracking arm and am not sure if this is a concern in terms of maintenance. I am trying to set up an audition on the Bergmann this week.
thanks in advance.
I sent a mail to them to get some info. never replied to me. Not a good sign...I promised myself never buy when see such a pre buyer customer service
Thanks. The system "looks" beautiful but I do agree that no support is a real issue. Clearaudio on the other hand has been extremely helpful. Anyway I believe I will be able to listen to both systems next week and will share my experience.
I wouldn't get the Bergman, even if it sounded the best. You may very well have a paper weight in a year.
Hi Stringreen
Do you mena that it will die on me or not be supported or both?
I've learned the hard way, no response prior to owning, no response after owning. Stay clear!
I would advise anyone with product questions to initially contact their appropriate distributor. Small manufacturer's typically focus their energies on production and R&D and tend to offload product inquiries/support to distributors. In any case, the distributor has much better access to the manufacturer if your question cannot be answered. In the case of North America, Aaudioimports/Brian Ackermann ( has had a relationship with Bergmann for almost three years. Brian is very accessible and knowledgeable.
David...who knows? But with great turntable companies like VPI and Clearaudio who deliver great support, why would you want to take such a gamble?
Point taken. The VPI HRX sounds absolutely incredible but I haven't heard the Aries line. Will add that to the list
If you want customer service and a north american product, I would recommend Sota, VPI, Basis or Oracle. Between those 3 you can pay as much as you want for the quality you are looking for, and probably much less than you would pay for some exotic table
I should add Well Tempered to that list
Why would anyone every buy a product when they can't get any support prior to buying! The question is obvious that you can expect the same level or lack of level after buying.
Distributors changes over time. No response from manufacturer is unacceptable these days, especially at such a charged price.
True story - a friend of mine contacted Avante Garde in Germany about their horn speakers. He mentioned that he was thinking about getting some new speakers for his birthday in a few months. A few months later he was contacted by Avant Garde with birthday greetings and an offer to sell him the speakers with a free upgrade of all silver wiring for his birthday. Needless to say he bought them.
Hi, I just bought Bergmann Magne (from Dutch dealer). Wonderful table. Sent a couple of mails to Mr. Bergmann, only got one reply...
I have to correct my previous message. Due to a problem with my mailbox I overlooked some e-mails from Mr. Bergmann. Communication with him is smooth and swift. I must apologize for the misunderstanding.
Meanwhile I have to confirm the superbe service of J. Bergmann: he came to my place to finetune my Magne !

I recently purchased a demo (prior-dealer) Sindre and have been in contact with Bergmann in Denmark. They have been very responsive and supportive.

I love the table. It has a quality of solidity in the stereo presentation which I've not heard before. The linear tracking arm is much more responsive than my beloved Goldmund T3F (and the Bergmann arm is able to adjust position in both directions while playing) which has gone to a new good home.  I do miss the auto handling features though. It is a real pleasure to use.

The pump is dead quiet and seems to be nearly maintenance free.  I've installed the drive supply and pump so they can be easily switched off for periods of non-use.