Beresford Dac Hdphone amp?

Anyone familiar with this product and got feedback. I am looking for a headhpne amp, USP Dac for pc audio and maybe even to use as pre. Price seems very good.
It's a very nice DAC and the headphone amp and volume control are a bonus. I bought one with the opamp upgrade option after my local dealer admitted that he was having a hard time selling the more expensive DAC's they stock once people listened to the Beresford.
Same experience as Sfar. I purchased it to give me headphone capability for my Prima Luna PL2/ Rega Apollo set-up. Excellent unit and build quality for the cash.

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I don't have many comparisons that might be useful but the Beresford was clearly better than the Valab DAC I had at the same time and better than the DAC and preamp combination of the Peachtree Decco integrated that has a well-regarded DAC from Scott Nixon.

I've also compared it to the analog output of the Denon 3910 and the Beresford DAC sounds better to me than the built-in DAC of the 3910.
You may also want to look into the Audio-GD products. They are renowned on Head-fi for their headphone amp/dac/pre combos.
Thx for all the feedback and suggestions. I am going to check into the Audio GD stuff and make a decision this week.