Beogram 4002 conversion - sounds good

Today I managed to convert my beloved Beogram 4002 linear-tracking turntable to fit a standard 1/2 inch cartridge.

The results is truely amazing and this gives the Beogram 4002 a second chance... (my 4002's original stylus was worn out completely and didn't sound good anymore).

I used a piece of graphite tube to replace the original aluminium tone-arm (this conversion is fully reversable).
Also I did not need to replace the counter-weight and tracking weight is 2 grams (as requiered for the Sumiko Pearl)

Drop me an e-mail if you're interested in converting your Beogram 4000, 4002 or 4004...

Best regards,
Dewald Visser
I have a beloved 4002. It had been playing slow for quite some time. I was trying to adjust the pitch and now it has completely stopped. The motor doesn't run. Any ideas how I can get this repaired?
Mike Reblin
I own a 4002 too. I was planning the same kind of mod to be able to try different needles and get rid of the problem of discontinued B&O cartridges.
I am really interested on what kind of graphite tube you used. I could not find any with the appropiate dimensions...
If you have any info about how to get it, I would really appreciate it.
Best regards,
Dewald, yes please let me in on the arm concersion for the 4002/4004 Thanks Fran