Benz Wood SL on TP16 or RB300?

I have a Benz Micro Wood SL on a Thorens TD160 mkI, with the TP16 arm, and it sounds very good. I am quite satisfied with everything about this match.

HOWEVER, a friend recently gave me a vintage Rega Planar 3, with the RB300 arm. It sits, mostly unused, sporting an Excel EX-70EX MM cartridge, into an old Pioneer SX737 receiver and some bookshelf speakers. It sounds quite good, but I can’t really tell how good.

Now I’m getting tempted to try the Benz Wood on the Rega. I find it a bugger, though, to set up cartridges on the Rega, so I haven’t tried it yet.

Can anyone give me some idea on what, if any, differences, I might hear? I would be mounting the Rega on a homemade stand with halved racquet balls for isolation, so that might make it nearer the Thorens in that department.

I seem to recall the compliance and other matching factors, between the Rega and Benz, were OK or good.

And no, I’m not ready, yet, to swap the arm on the Thorens, with the Rega RB 300!

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You're asking random people what difference you'll hear, and not just between tables but on racquetballs? RU kidding me?

Mount the Benz and see. What is the problem?