Benz Series 2 advice for an Oracle!

I own an Oracle Delphi Mk V/SME 309 with an EAR 834P. I am currently using a Goldring Eroica H, but I feel that it's time to upgrade the cartridge. Has anyone heard the Series 2? Would a new Glider be close in sound to an old MO9, or should I still consider a new M2? Also, would the benefits of a vdH Frog be lost without a better tonearm? Thanks.
I upgraded about a year ago from a Goldring Eroica H to the Benz M09 and have been very happy. The Glider would have been a nice upgrade, but the MO9 was an order of magnitude better (solid, authoritative bass; smooth, airy highs; more detail & it "draws you further into the music"). Haven't heard the new models but they look like a step in the right direction. (btw, my table is a VPI HW19 III with Sumiko FT-3 arm, Melos phono section)
I also own the Oracle Delphi MKV SE (Granite base, turbo PS.) Graham 2.0/Helikon/Lydian with ARC PH2. I recommend the Lyra Lydian Beta ($600 with trade in) or the Helikon ($1800) with trade in, if cost is not a factor.
Gmorris: I'm wondering where you would buy a Lydian Beta at $600 with trade-in. What are the restrictions for the trade-in cartridge?
Thanks in advance.
sgh, in your *other* thread regarding this, ewe say: "it's impossible for me to audition different cartridges...". i was in the same boat, so what i did was try to get as much info on cartridges as possible, and narrow my choices down that way.

as i'm not in a financial position to drop big money on a spendy cartridge, i figured if one may be nominally better/worse in my system, it really doesn't matter, cuz my buying decision is gonna be based upon finding the best deal possible on a lightly-used or demo cartridge, &, at the price i'm gonna be paying, it wood *still* be far better than anything i'd have any right to expect, if i were buying new.

thus, i was able to get a lyra clavis, completely o-hauled by vandenhul to symphonic-line's specs, thru klaus bunge of oddyssey audio. my cost on this ~$2400-retail-w/rebuild cartridge was <$500. as prerviously stated, it's not really relevant to me whether or not it's a better match in my system than a frog, benz, latest lyra, etc. it's surely better than i have any right to expect, for <$500... ;~)

btw, i also use an oracle, updated to mk-v specs, w/the exception of an origin-live dc-motor/power-supply. tonearm is o-l modded rega rb250. pentagon ps-3 fono-stage thru a melos preamp.

i still haven't gotten to mounting my lyra, to be honest, i wanted to digest the recent o-l mods 1st, & i'm actually enjoying my *cheapie* lo-output ortofon mc25-fl! :>)

regards, doug