Benz RubyZ vs. Gullwing?

Anyone used or heard both these cartridges? What might be gained or lost using one over the other?
I own the Gullwing now and was wondering if the Z is more of the same or different. I'm hoping to hear the Z is a better version (upgrade) of the Gullwing.
First off you may not be able to buy one anyway. No one has any Benz stuff in stock.
Over on another site we were discussing what is up with Benz Micro??
Check any US internet sellers... they are all out except for base models.
Benz is still in business.. but no stock has been sent to US for whole year. Folks with orders are sitting.. and waiting more than 6 months
I understand the Benz situation and have no problem waiting if I trade up. Happy to keep the Gullwing until they get it together. I'm in good shape as my Benz is only 3-4 months old. Any thoughts on the differences between the two cartridges?
No direct comparison, but a highly respected Dr. once told me the Benz LP and Ruby Z are related close to the Gullwing and offer a warmer sound while the Gullwing presents a faster pace.

I own both; an LP S and Ruby Z, they are probably the only cartridges I will
Continue to buy, or retip.

I would suggest you go direct to German dealers and see what they can do
for you.
Thanks, sounds like the Z might be a happy medium between the LP-s and Gullwing. Have sent out emails to see if I can find one.
That is exactly how I would describe the Z. Good luck.
I upgraded my Benz Wood low output to the low output Ruby Z S class. The improvement across the board was substantial.

After some hours I was getting a sense that the overall presentation has changed. After some reading it seems the new S-class do have a slightly different presentation.
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