Benz Ruby Low Output or Lyra Helkion?

I have a Rowland set up with the cadence phono stage. As my analog set up, I have a VPI Aries with the Graham tone arm. I listen to all types of music. I would be stepping up from a Benz Glider to either of the cartrdiges listed above.

Thanks for taking the time to read and respond!
Try to get Lyra Helikon SL version. Your candence should drive it with ease.
I have the Ruby 2, on an Oracle mk V, Graham 2.2, using a Krell KPE Reference and a Krell KRC-HR pre. I listen to everything except country and Lawrence Welk with my system. I listened to the Helikon and the Ruby2, and the dealer was offering them both to me at the same price. I choose the Ruby. Part of my decision could have been to due to the fact that I at one time had an original Ruby and had enjoyed it very much. But I thought the Ruby a bit more neutral than the Helikon. My KPE will give me 76 db of gain, but I got good results with as little as 60db. The more the better though.
The Helikon nees a lot of patience until it is broken in. In the beginning it has rather an unpleasant tilt towards the high end of the spectrum, so that you are continually tempted to lower the VTA, which will make it sound shrill and dull at the same time. Exasperating ! But after about 80 hours or so, listening through the Aesthetics IO and Jadis gear and on ESLs, the Ruby was no match for it, as far as depth of field, soundstage layering and sheer dynamics were concerned. There remained a slight tilt towards the high side, so in that sense, I quite agree with Mrvordo, but that is highly compensated to my pair of ears by its speed and resolving powers, which comparatively speaking, will leave the Ruby, inspite of its excellences in other fields, somewhat behind. I find it definitely worth while, to give both offerings a long and extended listening and try to compare well broken in samples from your dealer. Cheers,
I have used both the Ruby2 and the Helikon in my Rockport SiriusI table and have a strong preference for the Helikon. I agree that it requires braking in but in time, it proved to be more coherent, better focused, and tighter in the bass. Like others, my listening has been through an IO phono.
I agree with Detlof about the break in time for the Helikon......mine is a about 40-50 hours and I am still experiecing some shrill and is starting (slowly) to come into it's own. I still think my VTA is still too high and I will experiment.
I also have a Benz Wood M-2 (not the Ruby) and the Helikon is (at this time) more focused and articulate.
Just MHO.....