Benz ruby H vs. Koetsu Urushi Take 2

Well, I have now heard one of these two cartridges , the Benz, at a dealers and was quite impressed w/ the sound although the system which I listened to cost 2-3 times more than mine. I believe it is probably no secret that these two fine cart. have the musicality and warmth for those of us (like myself) who can not sacrifice these qualities. My hope is to find which one may offer greater image density, Bass , dimensionality, and which of these generally may paint the larger sonic picture. I now use a Koetsu standard red ( also .6 mv -like the two above) and am looking to improve upon this cart. in the areas which I have mentioned as most important for me. Thanks in advance for your experience w/ either of these two mc's alone or even better, w/ both.
I've heard both, though in different systems. It's a close call, which means either one should satisfy your sonic priorities.

Based on what I've heard I'd pick the Benz for bass, image density and dimensionality. The Koetsu might get the edge for slightly larger images. It's a bit warmer and smoother, the Benz a bit heftier and tighter.
There is absolutely no way to come up with any real determination of one cartridge's superiority over another,unless it is in your own system,or in a system,of a friend,who's system characteristics you are intimately familiar with.If you like a cart. in a dealer demo,than that will tell you there are good performance characteristics present,but only a home audition can be meaningful,in a cartridge shootout.

That being said,my friend has the Koetsu,you mention,in a very good sounding set-up.It has all the characteristics that Doug has mentioned.I don't think you can go wrong with any of the better designs available today,so long as you have the proper output available,from your phonostage,and a good arm match.