Benz Ruby 3s impedance loading

According to Scheafer from ASR (Basis Excl.) 10x the imp.
of the cart. According to some others 20x the impedance,
according to some 'other others':'use your ears'. On my
Basis 'gold 2009' I can use only 480 Ohm or 1000 Ohm .But I
am not satisfied with either. I.e. the Benz LP is regarded as an 'top cart' but the only difference between them is the wood. Btw I prefer the Phase Tech P-3G,an much cheaper
cart.Some 'light'or 'enlightenment will be much appreciated.
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Hello, I am wondering what exactly do you mean by this: “On my Basis 'gold 2009' I can use only 480 Ohm or 1000 Ohm”. Clearly you have a very wide range of choices in terms of input impedance settings by choosing from the formula provided in the manual or by combining the values of 2+ dip switches to come up with your own value – the formula on how to do this is also mentioned in the manual.

Generally speaking, 5x to 10x the coil impendence of the phono cartridge is the range you’re most likely to find the perfect balance. Perhaps, 20x might be too high of a setting.
There isn’t a hard and fast rule because there is a lot of interaction between the phono cable, phonostage, cartridge and turntable. Anyway, try lower settings, it may be worth a try. Ultimately, your ears do need to be the final judge of how you like a specific loading – and that depends on the synergy and your own personal taste.

I have a Benz LP Ebony, and 1000 ohms is quite perfect in my system. I have an infinite number of options in this regard, and just checked...1000 ohms. I remember that the cartridge took a very long time to break in...if yours is new, give it a couple of months, and check it again. I am quite sure that the loading is system dependent. If 1000 ohms is again not to your liking, you can change the resistors to any value you need. Call your preamp manufacturer.
Dear Nandric: I just try a Ruby 3 from an audio friend and I loaded at 100 ohms that is lower than the manufacturer advise o the subject. Runs very good but I don't have the time to test it with different load impedance.
Seems to me that you have to try yours with lower impedance value that the ones you already tested and that do not like you. In the other side ( I don't have enough experience with ) maybe it needs more play time as Stringreen suggest or maybe a different tonearm or set up: VTF/VTA/SRA/AZ.

regards and enjoy the music,
Dear Nandric,

I owned a Ruby 2 for many years. My Hovland HP-100 is fixed at 530 ohms loading. I always found it to perform very well at this load setting. Raul Iruegas visited me about a year ago and brought his excellent preamp for an audition which has many impedence loads available. We played my Ruby 2 at 100 ohms and it sounded quite good. We did not have much time to experiment at this setting, but it seemed to have more body than at the 530 ohms on my Hovland. You should experiment and use your ear.