Benz Ruby 2 vs Ruby 3

I am about to buy a Ruby 2 M and was wondering if anyone has A/B the 2 and 3. The Gon member I am buying from said that the 2 is better sounding than the 3. Any thoughts?.
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I have ownd both. I traded in a 2 for a 3. The 3 is much better.
don't buy a ruby 2. a denon 103r is a better cartridge that that by far.
another vote for ruby 3
Ofcourse he'll say the 2 is better. If his selling the 3, what would you think he'll say? I presently own a Ruby 3 LOMC--It's a killer cart. At 3K, it better be.
Dear Glory: The Genesis advice about the Audio Note cartridges is a very good one. These cartridges are top performers and better than the people think.

Btw, the Audio Note tonearms are great too.

Now, about your question: the Ruby 2 and Ruby 3 are very good cartridges, which is better?: that depends on your music sound priorities ( what are you looking for? ) and kind of music you like. I think that if you share with us that info several of the Ruby2/3 owners could give you a precise advise.

Regards and enjoy the music.

Regards and enjoy the music.